Getting to know The River's Dimpho Mokoena in Real life

They call her Dimpho, a spoilt brat with disgusting behaviour... Her name in real life is Matsepho Sekgopi, she's one of the most talented upcoming young actresses in South Africa. 

This is what Dimpho had to say about her personal life and The River character👊 

Being able to wake up every day and do what I love gives my life meaning. “I feel liberated, strong, and as though I’m on the right path. I’ve noticed just how endless the possibilities are, while also recognizing my greatness, valuing my worth, and loving myself.” I spend the bulk of my life, practically, on my toes. “Acting is a game of do or die — you constantly have to be ready! And, of course, no-one tells you about what I call the ‘unwritten rules of the game’ until you have the assistant director, screaming '3, 2, 1. Action!’ We have some really big names on The River and I can’t afford to drop the ball, otherwise, I would be shooting myself in the foot. We do a lot of improvising on our set, so when someone in the cast unexpectedly hits you with a line, your response needs to show that you’re fully present and committed to the scene.” 

My life is just normal. “I still wash the dishes when I’m at my parents’ house in Pretoria, and walk to the spaza to buy magwinya. A surprising fact about me is that I make the worst tea. My uncle once said that my tea tastes like dishwashing water — that’s when I gave up on making it .” 

Interesting facts about Dimpo

  • Matshepo Sekgopi was born on 18 November 1996

  • She grew up in Kagiso, West of Johannesburg
  • The actress featured in a few soapies such as Isibaya, Zbondiwe, Sokhulu and Partners, Ingoma before getting a role on The River 
  • She received a call from The River Casting director an hour before the auditions and the rest is history. She got the Job:)
  • She is a certified DJ
  • Winnie Mandela was her hero and she always wanted her to be the first female president of South Africa. But that never happened because she is dead.
  • She loves house music
  • She makes the worst and horrible tea that taste like dishwashing water... Her words, not mine:)


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