Getting to know Muvhango actress Angela Atlang

 She joins SABC2’s popular Venda soapie Muvhango as Itseng, a beautiful, seductive but hardworking stripper that viewers later learn is James Motsamai’s estranged sister after he catches her on the job. Angela Atlang (26) made her debut on Monday 16 August and dared herself to push her boundaries. Unlike the seductive stripper, Angela is a staunch Christian who grew up at the church. 

“I took the role because I love a good challenge. I believe that my work ethic will endear me to the viewers. They need to constantly see me grow with me and I should not stay stagnant,” Angela says.

The Bachelor Of Theatre Arts graduate from The University of Botswana is ready to show viewers and fans that her years mastering her craft didn’t go to waste.

“I am excited to work with the incredibly creative and generous cast and crew. It's all been beyond anything I could have imagined. The love is real,” she says. 

Five interesting facts about the new actress:

1: She is not a pastor, but she ministers at church.  

“Ministering is one of my passions,” Angela says. 

“I give also out bible-based advice to people who need counseling. I am a very spiritual person and deeply rooted in Christ. I have always been that way ever since I was born. For the first three months of my life, my mom says she had a deep sense of longing to live at a church. When I was born, she took me and raised me at a church house for the first three months of my life.” 

2: After high school, she went to study accounting.

“I never wanted to study accounting, but I was pressured into it by people around me. I did my first semester and dropped out which meant I had to spend the rest of the year at home,” Angela says. “I then took on work as a peer educator going door to door and teaching people how to use a condom. After that break, I went to study drama which was my passion from primary school.”

3: Angela loves music. 

"I wrote a song in 2016 called Blesser featuring Stunna, which is still available on Soundcloud. But I was young and my content has changed. I still want to pursue music but change the content to suit my spirituality and religion,” Angela says. 

4: Angela loves to work out. She goes to the gym almost six times a week. 

“I don’t like sports, but I’m a very strong person. I have the strength of a man, physical strength. I work out for an hour or two and take one daybreak,” Angela says. 

“I do cardio exercises that target every part of the body so I can be able to eat anything I want. I love food and I’m not very picky. I just don’t eat seafood, pork, or lamb because those animals have a strong biblical representation for me.”

5: Angela grew up in the rural town of Maun in Botswana.  

“I have lived in a one-room house, used paraffin lamps and candles, and make an outside fire to cook,” Angela says. 

“My humble beginnings helped me to be the giving person I am today with humility and care for others. I help out at animal shelters and donate food, money, and clothes when I can because I know what it’s like to have less.”


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