Mpura's Granny Heartfelt Tribute to Mongezi Stuurman (Mpura)

Mongezi Stuurman  was laid to rest few days ago, his grandmother Maria Stuurman spoke so well of him. She said when he was born in 1995, his mother was still at school!

“When Mongezi (Mpura) was born his mother was still at school… On his first day, I remember welcoming him. I was excited and happy but I was angry when his mother was pregnant…but when he was born things turned around and there was love,” said Mama Maria Stuurman.

Maria Stuurman said that her grandson Mpura grew up knowing her as his mother.

“Even today I was still the mother… Even to his siblings, I am the mother although their mother is Judy… I remember at some point when Mongezi went to school for the first time I took leave from work because I wanted to take my young Nunuza to school. We went to Lenasia South to register him there. He schooled there until grade 5,” said Mama Maria Stuurman.

Mama said that when Mpura was supposed to progress to Grade 6 Unathi complained about his English accent and the family had to make a plan.

“When he was supposed to progress to Grade 6 Unathi complained and said ‘Mama no, please make a plan because the way Mongezi speaks English – his accent is not right. I sat down with his Grandfather and he said he can go,” said Mama Maria Stuurman.

Maria Stuurman said that on one particular day she was at work when she received a call around 4-pm from one of her neighbors saying they see a police van parked outside her yard.

“I asked to be excused at work to make a run home. When I got home I asked Mongezi (Mpura) what was happening. He told me they went to play soccer and the school transport had left them.

Mpura stopped the police van and told them he does not know where he stays but he knows his physical address. The cops took him home.

“He asked me not to tell his grandfather about the police and today that is still our secret,” said Mama Maria Stuurman.

Mpura’s grandmother said, there are a lot of things he did that impressed her.

“Mongezi was a naughty child but he knew how to behave at home. Mongezi was like a girl. When I am at work I would ask him to cook and he would clean the house.

His grandmother connected him with a potential employer but Mpura said 8 to 5 will not work for him, and that he will be rich one day.

“Judy… We know we were angry at you but thank you for giving us Mongezi…” said Mama Maria Stuurman.

Mpura’s younger brother Kagiso said that he loved and cared for his family so much.

Mpura was loved, he lived his life and fulfilled his purpose. May his soul rest in peace!

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