Getting to know about Vuyo Dabula

Vuyo Dabula is a successful South African actor who has also excelled as a model and bodybuilder. He has proved his talent and skill in his mixed career over the years, demonstrating that you can follow more than one passion and excel in them all.

Being an extremely good actor, he has taken part in numerous projects in the movie and TV industry. His roles in most of these works have not only won him the attention and admiration of the public but also a couple of awards from the entertainment community. 

Dabula’s life behind the camera is quite interesting while his journey to stardom is such a huge inspiration to the younger generation.

Vuyo Dabula’s was born on the 11th of September 1976. His parents, whose names and background are yet to be revealed, gave birth to him in the city of Mahikeng, in North-West Province. His father was a railway worker while his mother a housewife.

The actor studied at the P.H Moeketsi Agricultural High School and the Johannesburg-based institution of higher learning, Wits Technikon. He graduated from the Agricultural High School in 1995, while his stint at Wits ended the following year, precisely in 1996. Upon completing his studies, Vuyo lost interest in his course of study and decided to follow his passion by pursuing a career in acting. 

Vuyo Dabula owes his success as a fitness icon to his parents and his childhood heroes. His father, was athletic while his mother was very good at jogging and maintaining a good diet that fosters fitness. The actor also credits international stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude van Damme, and Bruce Lee for his love for fitness.

The exact age Vuyo started his bodybuilding career is not known, but he once recounted that it was his skinny body that pushed him into fitness while growing up. According to him, his determination to overcome trolls and body shamers made him start running about 10-15km and embarking on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as time moved on.

Vuyo  is one man who loves and cherishes his family. The actor has been married for a couple of years. It was recently that he showed off his wifeafter many years of hiding her from the public. It is not exactly known how, when, and where they met. Also, neither of the two has shared any information about when they tied the knot and where the event took place. The couple’s union is blessed with a lovely son named Kitso. The exact date, month, and year he was born is yet to be revealed.


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