Wrapped inlove Kwesta & Yolanda Mvelase Love Story

‘Love made in heaven’ is the term that has been often used to describe the relationship that  Kwesta, has with his wife, Yolanda Mvelase. 

The couple has manage to keep the fire in their love life burning brightly for over a decade after they first met and, at this moment, it does not seem as if they are about to slow down the tempo in their romance.

Over the years, Kwesta and Yolanda Mvelase have become one of South Africa’s most admired couples mainly because of the way they have handled themselves in the course of their romantic journey. Unlike most celebrity romance which ends up in breakups or divorce, this couple has managed to grow stronger with each passing day.

Kwesta and Yolanda first met in 2010 when Kwesta was shooting a music video. The musician needed video vixens for his video and Yolanda’s friends who was also a friend of Kwesta reached out to Yolanda, asking her to step in and do the job.

Yolanda accepted to feature in Kwesta’s music video. When Kwesta set his eyes on Yolanda, he fell inlove with her instantly.  Speaking in an interview with Sony Music Africa, he revealed that he liked Yolanda quite instantly and loved how she annoyingly reacted to his jokes.

Yolanda revealed that when she first saw Kwesta she decided he was not her type at all. Because of this, she didn’t think highly of him. She just wanted to do the video job and go away. However, Kwesta, who was already smitten by her, tried to get her attention by cracking some jokes but Yolanda was not having any of that.
In fact, she found his jokes quite annoying and  got irritated with the way he was trying too hard to get her to laugh. Eventually, she gave in and laughed. Talking about this, in another interview, Yolanda explained that when she saw that Kwesta was not relenting in trying to get her to like him, she decided to give him a chance.

In the same interview Kwesta revealed that when Yolanda refused to laugh at his jokes, he was intrigued by her demeanor and this pushed him to try harder to get to know her. Eventually, the duo got along during the shoot and became friendly afterward. 

After their initial meeting during the music video shoot, Kwesta and Yolanda got in touch and their fondness for each other grew steadily. Eventually, they kickstarted a romantic relationship that  continued to gather steam as each day passed.

Kwesta and Yolanda’s romance progressed quickly and three years later in 2013, they welcomed their first child, a girl named Khai Asemahle Bulelwa Vilakazi. The birth of their daughter did a lot for their relationship. This was because it helped to bring them closer together. In the interview with another publication, Yolanda confessed that when she first got pregnant, she was scared of how Kwesta would react because having a child was not part of their plans at the time.

However, when she told him she was pregnant, he was happy and promised to love her even more and be there for her. Yolanda explained that this act was what further endeared her to Kwesta especially when he kept to his promise and showered her with love during the pregnancy and after the child was born.

Kwesta explained that the birth of Khai Asemahle Bulelwa Vilakazi forced him to grow up.  He became more responsible and loved his woman even more. 

Kwesta and Yolanda dated for eight years before they decided to take things further and become hubby and wife. In 2018, the couple had their traditional wedding ceremony attended by close friends and family members who came to celebrate them. The next year, on the 23rd of March 2019, the couple had their white wedding. The wedding took place at an undisclosed location and was a very private affair which was attended by family members and close friends. Several celebrities attended the event to support the couple.

Talking about the wedding on her Instagram page, Yolanda explained that she had married her ‘best friend’. She later posted videos of their wedding day. She called the videos a ‘sneak peek’ into their happy day. 

Kwesta and Yolanda are now parents to two children. Their second child, also a girl, was born in 2020


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