20 Different ways to nail a sexy casual look inspired by Monica😍

 What if the new chic is matching an oversized sweatshirt with a pair of complementing sneakers, or transforming a blazer from a formal staple into a sporty necessity? What if today’s playwear became a daytime-fashion essential? Indeed, knowing how to rock your sporty outfits stylishly is key to staying stylish.

The sporty look is now a trend and sportswear manufacturers will continue to create functional clothes with a stylish flair as more consumers opt for outfits that offer it all. So whether it’s a run in the park with a friend, a fitness session at the gym, or just an outing in town, the sporty look should have your eyes this summer as they are comfortable and absolutely stylish!

For a xplore mzansi beauties like yourself, showing up looking every inch stylish is a requirement. Are you ready to choose the right sporty outfit as you step out of the house?

Here are 20 ways to look chic and stylish in sporty outfits inspired by Monica

Keep things business casual



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