All you need to know about Major League

I have become a huge fan of Major League.... I am obsessed with their youtube mix especially the balcony events! The duo made me to fall inlove with house music, when they play expect nothing but heavenly experience. I just love them!

So who is Major League?

Major League is a South African DJ duo who rose to fame through their music. The pair has won Awards, hosted shows for notable singers across the world such as Akon, 50 Cent they even shared the same stage with Kanye West! How cool is that? They are legendary! The Twins keep winning, lately they have been trending with their balcony mix on youtube. Thats how I fell even more inlove with them.

The Twin brothers might be identical but they have different personalities. Their disparity first comes in their names – Banele and Bandile Mbere. Bandile Mbere is the twin brother of Banele who was born on January 3, 1991. They had a similar upbringing, mostly raised by their mother – a social worker who works as a director at the department of social development in South Africa. Their father was a pianist and an ambassador to Rwanda who had died while they were 13 years.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts in the US, their family moved to South Africa in 1995 following the fall of apartheid - they were four years old at the time. They lived with both their parents who both loved music. 

“My mom and dad met at Hugh Masekela’s wedding. They were both close to Hugh Masekela so they were friends before they met each other,” says Bandile.

With their father a pianist, the pair could not escape the musical ties.

“My dad has been a pianist, he grew up with Bra Hugh, they grew up in the same street in Sophiatown. My mom met him [Hugh] when she was in the States.”

“So my dad has always had a musical background and has always been playing music. We had like three pianos in our house growing up. There was always music playing, jazz playing. We grew up around the greats.”

It was in 2016 The Handsome DJz got signed to Mabala Noise Entertainment following an introduction by Riky Rick, a South African hip-hop star and a friend to the twin brothers. The label offered them the international platform to shine. However, a year into signing the deal, the group made a move to quit because the label could not keep some parts of its deal.  And they have been doing so well since then.... Who doesn't know Major League??? Of cause everyone knows the duo and they are loved!


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