Everything you need to know about Linda Mtoba & Steven Meyer's Marriage

Linda Mtoba is one celebrity who has proved that true love does exist and it is possible to make it last regardless of what life decides to toss at you. Since they exchanged marriage vows in 2017, The River actress has done a good job in keeping her husband Steven Meyer off the radar of the media. 

Though Linda Mtoba and Steven Meyer became an item after Steven started chatting her up on Facebook, the duo previously met in a club two months before. According to Linda, both of them had totally forgotten the incident at the club but as they went out for a date during their early days together, Steven let the actress in on the fact that they had previously met before he slid into her Messenger on Facebook. Linda who took it lightly felt it was because they had been chatting as friends on social media for a long time. However, as soon as Steven asked if she was present at a certain club two months ago, Linda immediately remembered.

This revelation from Steven led Linda to believe that the universe conspired to bring them together. Their case can easily be described as an act of fate and providence as it is strange how they didn’t even talk nor exchange phone numbers but were brought back together in an unexplainable way. 

In an interview session, the actress explained that she was just 19 in 2008 when their paths crossed. This sure is one online encounter with a good ending as the constant radian look on Linda’s face says it all. Linda Mtoba is truly fulfilled and wouldn’t change her story for anything.

From 2008 to 2017, the duo dated for nine years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level. While their dating period lasted, Steven used to visit Linda in Durban all the way from Cape Town where he lives. Though we don’t know the exact date of their wedding in 2017, it was a stylish and flashy affair. In fact, they had it in two stages and both were super lavish.

Ever since they exchanged the forever commitment, the lovebirds have never looked back in showing love to each other and going by the way Linda eulogies her husband, it would be safe to say that they are taking commitment seriously. 

According to Linda Mtoba, her marriage is great and has been quite amazing; the actress actually compared matrimony to dating but with aroma. Mtoba regards Steven as the most consistent and dependable person in her life and she has never stopped showing appreciation for that. Their love really radiates for all to see as the actress doesn’t shy away from putting the intense love she feels for her husband on display whenever she appears for interviews. Linda emphasises on how they spend quality time together which has truly deepened the bond they share. She has also revealed that marriage played a major role in bringing her closer to the maker and she is one lucky woman for having a man who has been supportive of all her endeavors from the onset.

After Linda Mtoba made the necessary announcements for her wedding, fans and the general public were highly expectant as they couldn’t wait to know the identity of the man who stole their beloved actress’s heart. However, things didn’t go as they expected, Linda declined to share photos of her man with them on social media. The disappointment was palpable in the air after it became obvious that the  actress has no plans of sharing much about her spouse.

This was exactly what led to the backlash faced by Linda, but she was ready with her response. The SA beauty took to Twitter to explain why she chose to protect Steven from the public eye. According to Linda, she gets flabbergasted whenever people get upset over what she chooses to share or not to share about her personal life as she has already shared so much in the past.

On keeping her husband hidden, the entertainer described Steven as the closest person in her life, and disclosing personal details about him is completely unacceptable. The general public, the actress said, has made her feel like she doesn’t deserve any form of privacy and it is quite hurtful.

Explaining things to fans, Linda said her spouse shouldn’t be forced to give up his privacy as he is not a celeb like her. Emphasizing the importance of her husband in her life, the actress stated her right to decide what to share and what not to share. She condemned people sharing their photos online without permission, describing it as rude, low, and intrusive.

The couple is blessed with a baby girl.


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