Slay In GREEN! Fabulous Ways To Wear Green This Season

 We all have that favorite color we love to wear. However, very few people know that the color they wear says a lot about their personality, mood, and emotions. You may not be aware of the symbolic meanings associated with different colors but at the subconscious level, there is a reason why you’re attracted to particular colors.

Green is said to symbolize life, renewal, and health. It is associated with balance, calmness, and harmony. When we think of green outfits, for the most part, we think of nature and this evokes a feeling of peace and contentment. So if you’ve been wearing a lot of greens lately, you very well could be feelingreally at peace and content with the way things are going in your life. How to style Green outfits.

If you’re one who’s usually not drawn to green hues, we’re going to give you enough reasons to literally go green with envy. Green is such a versatile color and that one term isn’t even enough to describe the full range of the tones that make up the color green. 

However, with such a rich range of hues – from bright greens and emerald tones to olive, khaki, and forest greens – chances are there is one that will suit your personality and style preferences. The trick is figuring out which shade is right for you then mixing and matching the same with the rest of your wardrobe accordingly.

Green outfits are often considered a challenging shade to wear and this probably comes down to the fact that it doesn’t scream ‘femininity’ like some other colors. However, green can be seriously sophisticated and certainly feminine when worn well and paired with more feminine colors like pink and peach.

The key to styling your green outfit is to first determine the shade of green you’re working with, then pair it with brighter or darker tones in a way that contrasts the shade of green serving as your canvas.

Ready to go bold in green? Here are ways to pair green…


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