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Rami Chuene is a 46 year old bundle of talent in every sense of the phrase. She is one of South Africa’s most celebrated actresses, as well as a musician, author, presenter, voice-over artist, and fashion enthusiast. The Polokwane native further stands out for several other reasons, asides her versatility as an entertainer, she is quite vocal and is never afraid to air her opinion on varying issues happening in society. Rami has been really open about the backlash that comes with being a divorcee and reiterates that leaving her crumbling marriage remains one of the best decisions she has made in her life.

Born in Polokwane, South Africa on the 3rd of July 1975, it is sometimes hard to believe that this stunning mother of 3 is in her mid-40s. According to her, growing up with her five siblings in Seshego township, Limpopo, was an experience filled with fun and laughter.

Rami showed an inclination to be a performer from an early stage and her bubbly personality came to her rescue on several occasions. After high school, she enrolled in the University of the Witwatersrand to study fashion design but dropped out after she became pregnant. A year after, she returned to Johannesburg to resume her studies. She chose to study music at the Fuba School of Music before transferring to Technikon Pretoria, now the Tshwane University of Technology, to continue her studies.

Unfortunately, Rami dropped out of school again as her acting career began to pick up. According to her, she chose acting over studying music because she was already being cast in important roles and didn’t want to lose the chance of building a name for herself. All the sacrifices she made paid off in the long run as she has gone ahead to take up some very significant roles in the movie industry which has pushed her into the limelight. Some of her very successful roles are in films like Strike Back (2010), Life, Above All (2010), and Hijack Stories (2000). She featured in the very popular TV series The Queen – Season 2, 3, and 4 (Gracious Mabuza), Giyani Land of Blood and Isono.

Rami is also a musician, as well as a published author. The actress is the author of the book titled We Kissed The Sun And Embraced The Moon. The book is a collection of memoir essays where she tells her personal story. In her singing career, she has released an album called From Fear to Love.

Rami was once married to Tsepo Desando who was also an entertainer. They both worked in the same industry, though Tshepo branched out to other fields aside from acting. Tsepo Desando began his career as an actor before becoming a producer and director. Like his ex-wife, he has built the bulk of his career in the entertainment industry. He has worked as an MC, singer, performer, and much more. He is also an entrepreneur, known to be the Director of Pelokgolo Holdings, as well as the Business Development Manager for INQ Africa.

The actress entered her matrimonial home quite early in her opinion. Rami met Tsepo when she was really young and vulnerable. According to her, they dated for just 6 months before deciding to tie the knot. Rami was attracted to Tsepo due to his quiet nature and thought it would be beautiful to build a family with him which they went ahead to do while things lasted. Rami has revealed that things were not all rosy while they were together as they moved from one house to another on many occasions and even got bankrupt twice, with the bank repossessing her house and car. In addition to going through hard times with her former partner, Rami Chuene did not find much support from her husband, thus, their marriage became somewhat of a burden in the long run.

More than seven years after her divorce was finalized, Rami Chuene still maintains that her marriage to Tsepo wasn’t the easiest of times in her life. Even though they fell in love at the beginning, so many things went wrong in their marriage and relationship.

Instead of staying and probably continuing to be miserable in her marriage to Tsepo, she chose to leave for the sake of her happiness. She has shared in several interviews that she doesn’t believe divorce is a bad thing but the circumstances around it might be wrong. She also believes that getting out of a relationship after you realize you made a mistake and things aren’t working is a sign of strength.

Rami believes that ending her marriage to Tsepo helped her rediscover herself and she has grown more in her career since then. Meanwhile, even though many frowned at her decision to seek a divorce, the actress has chosen not to let that part of her life define her as she still believes in love and is presently in love with life as she said.

From all indications, Rami and Tsepo were together for a long time and their union produced offsprings; they have three beautiful daughters together. Rami had their first daughter at age 19 and the second came at age 21. Their 3rd girl came later in their marriage. Their names are At 23, Nthateng became a Rhodes University graduate and while aspiring to further her education in a culinary school, she decided to seek help online by launching an Onlyfans account. The idea was to fund her training without involving her parents and her mom rallied in support of her support. Eami went on to retweet her post and Twitter users praised her for it.

The very outspoken Rami Chuene has revealed that she is very much single, a decision she has made for herself. Even though she has met several men since her divorce, she has decided to remain single. She also revealed that sometimes men are scared to approach her due to the kind of person she is. As she has continually emphasized, she has no regrets about how things have turned out for her.

The actress is probably maintaining her reservations due to the first experience with her ex husband. Whatever her reasons may be, one thing is clear, Rami Chuene is in a better place in her life right now.


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