Getting to know Sbu from Uzalo

Majozi started entertaining people with his multiple talents way before his appearance in Uzalo. He has remained a delight to many since then and has had nothing short of a spectacular acting experience ever since his journey in the South African entertainment industry began. He owes his sudden rise to stardom to his performance in Uzalo, which can be best described as endearing and relatable.

Simphiwe Majozi is a native of Mtwalume (near Port Shepstone on KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast). He was born in the city in the 1980s. Majozi is the last child of his parents. He has nine older siblings – seven brothers and two sisters. Although the actor is not married yet, he has no plans of having more than two children when he eventually ties the knot.

Following the death of Simphiwe’s mother in 1999, the actor’s dad and siblings took over the responsibility of raising him. Majozi was still in primary school when his mother passed on, which led to his siblings playing the role of their mother in his life.

Majozi’s father was a respected pastor, who was known for instilling moral values in all his children. Sadly, he has since joined his ancestors, leaving behind his nine children. Before fame, the Uzalo actor and his siblings lived together until his brother Xolani rented an apartment, so Simphiwe moved in with him.

Simphiwe developed a keen interest in arts as a kid, precisely at the age of seven. He started by singing and taking part in plays in the church before he eventually won his first acting job on a play that was produced by his brother. Pleased with his performance and the feedback he received from the audience, he decided to become an actor to fulfill his dream.

From that time onwards, the actor began making more appearances in plays and investing much of his time rehearsing scripts for plays. Although Majozi is yet to win a major award as an actor, he is an in-demand performer, and his journey to greatness has been rewarding and fulfilling.

After he matriculated, the actor met his siblings and inform them of his plans to fully pursue a career in acting. In response, the actor’s siblings gave him their blessings, but advised him to further his education and apply for a course he could fall back on should his acting career fail to work out as desired.

The Uzalo actor eventually enrolled at the Universal College Outcomes in Pietermaritzburg, where he majored in Marketing Management. The actor’s degree is one of his biggest accomplishments in life.

One of the memorable days Majozi will never forget in his life was the very day he was handed a script documenting his role in Uzalo. It was a dream come true for him, and an opportunity he would forever be grateful for. As gathered, the actor was originally meant to appear in one scene in the TV show, but he delivered his part so well that the directors and producers of Uzalo decided to specifically create a storyline for him.

He once shared that he auditioned thrice for the show, in Durban and Johannesburg. Majozi’s Uzalo character is just as much of a genius as the actor himself.

 Aside from acting, Majozi has other ventures he manages between acting gigs. He is a singer, an occasional music video choreographer, and the public relations officer with the renowned South African male choral group Lady Smith Black Mambazo. His brother Xolani works as the manager of the choral group.

Besides Uzalo, the actor has been featured in a couple of South African plays, including Mike Mvelase’s play “Kwasuka Sukela,” as well as a musical by veteran director, television actor, and theatre writer Bheki Mkhwane at the Durban ICC.

Though Majozi has established himself as one of South Africa’s fast-rising actors to watch out for, he still hopes to spread his tentacles by venturing into producing and directing television shows. Looking at his current pace, Majozi is bound to achieve much more than he has done in the past years.

Simphiwe, like most actors, is no stranger to challenges. Although he hardly opens up about his real-life
challenges as much as his Uzalo character does, his fans believe that he has had his fair share of life’s
troubles from the moment he embarked on his journey to greatness.

Sometime in 2018, the actor almost lost his job for arriving on set behind schedule on several occasions
because he was taking a taxi to work. The actor stated that his decision to take public transport to work
resulted in him coming in contact with so many people at the park who always asked for pictures and some moments for private discussions. Majozi has since got a befitting ride for himself, but will never forget his experience that year. 

Like his Uzalo character, Majozi is in a serious relationship in real life. Even though he doesn’t speak much about his personal life, sources have it that he and his sweetheart have been seeing each other for over a decade. The actor is dating Elundini local municipality Democratic Alliance (DA) councilor called Kekeletso Mahlelebe. The politician is from Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape, and has been supportive of the actor’s fastgrowing career.

It is said that the actor has become a better person since he fell in with the politician, who also happens to be his high school lover.


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