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Abdul Khoza has attained a reputable position in the South African entertainment circle and beyond, where he does not need any form of introduction. The same thing cannot be said about his private life, especially when it comes to his wife, Baatile Themane. In fact, A lot of people are still in the dark about his marital status. In the same vein, not so much can be said about his other family members, except for his older brother, SK Khoza who is also an actor. Nevertheless, we gathered some interesting details to help you know the actor better.

One thing that is more important to Abdul Khoza as he has always made obvious, is his family, most especially his wife and kids. The actor is married to Baatile Themane with whom he has been enjoying marital bliss for a while.

Abdul Khoza and Baatile Themane met in Emalahleni in a parking lot. For them, it was love at first sight as the moment Baatile saw the actor, she knew he was the one for her and he also knew he had found the woman he was going to marry. She was looking for a parking spot when he sighted her and he decided to give up his space for her. He had to persuade her before she agreed to take the space and after that, he followed her to the mall where she bought all the things she needed.

When it was time for Baatile to leave, the actor asked her to wait a little while for him as he zoomed off. Next, he appeared with a bunch of rose flowers, and the moment his fans saw them, they assumed the two were dating and started asking for photographs. After everything, they exchanged numbers, and from then onward, everything flowed for them with all the ease in the world.

She did not want to date him at first because he was a celebrity, but she later pushed that aside and decided to give it a try. Only 7 months after they started dating, she would come to agree to be his wife. Revealing how he proposed to her, Baatile pointed out that he stepped out of the restroom, and just when she was not expecting anything, he went on a knee asking her to be his wife. That was something she found very romantic and because she loved him, she accepted his proposal.


The Wife Showmax actor got married to Baatile whom he has described as the love of his life in April 2019. They sealed their union in an elaborate traditional event that was attended by his family members including Abdul, as well as actors and celebrities. The couple donned a matching green and white traditional outfit.

The two are blessed with a daughter, Morafe Khoza who was born in 2019. While the little angel is the second child of the actor, she is the first child of his wife, and their first together. Now referred to as Baatile Khoza, she is an entrepreneur and a very hardworking woman who has landed some endorsement deals and appeared on the cover of magazines. In August 2020, Abdul took to social media to announce that his wife is the brand ambassador of the luxury sleepwear brand, Thirty Five By Lelo. She has also featured on the cover of Mamas n Papas magazine.

Before he met his Baatile, Khoza was in a relationship with another woman whose name has never been revealed. The relationship led to the birth of his first child, a daughter. 

According to him in different Instagram posts he uses to wish his daughter whose name is Azamahle a
happy birthday, he revealed that he has always tried to be there for his daughter and reconnect with her, but that has been very hard for him. He also stated that he hopes one day he will not only get to be there for her but that she will also reconnect with her half-siblings from his marriage. Abdul once revealed that he appreciates his wife because of the way she treats Azamahle as her own.

Abdul Khoza once revealed in an interview that things have not been going well between himself and his daughter’s mother, but he did not reveal much about the issues they are having because he didn’t want to dwell so much on it.

While Abdul and his brother SK are known for their talents and what they have achieved as actors, their parents have attracted their own respect for different things: 

The father of the actor has risen to prominence in his community as a sportsman who has represented South Africa in Karate-dojo more than once. The legendary Mr. Shiyan Stanly Khoza became a member of the Durban City Council (now eThekwini Metropolitan Council) in 1983. More so, he was the Vice-Chairperson of IMATU eThekwini Region for 8 years, from 1999 to 2007 as well as an NEC member. From 2007 to date, he became the Chairperson of IMATU eThekwini Region.

As a sportsman, he has not only competed in Karate but has since continued to work towards passing the knowledge to the younger ones. He has trained his sons as karate fighters, even though they have found their calling as actors. The older Khoza is the brain behind Amandla Esizwe Karate Dojo, a karate outfit he formed in his hometown of Kwa Mashu.

In an attempt to raise kids in the sport, he reportedly produced as much as 95 black belt karatekas drawn from different disadvantaged communities. He has been involved in many sporting activities because of the position he has attained.

 Abdul and SK have not hidden the fact that it was thanks to their father and mother that they have come to achieve so much in their lives thus far. The mother in question is none other than Lindiwe Khoza. Although not so much is known about her, we have come to realize that she is very close to her kids and family. Although she is on social media like other members of her family, she maintains a very private life.


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