Missed The Real Housewives of Durban reunion part 2? Here is what went down: it ended with tears, apologies and unanswered questions

The ladies picked up from where they left off in Part One, giving viewers more of that drama they asked for. 

Here's what went down...

Queen gets her apology

Nonku’s mother, also known as Queen, finally got the chance to clear her name. This comes after there was confusion about what she said when she gave a speech at her daughter’s Spring Has Sprung event when the show started. Annie and Londie were under the impression that Queen had said they were not beautiful.

However, all Nonku’s mom said was that although the ladies were beautiful, they weren’t as beautiful as her. They misinterpreted that for the entire season and that created tension.

During the reunion, Londie admitted that she watched the clip and apologised.

“Ma, I honestly wanna say I’m sorry. We misunderstood you. I only saw you pointing at your head, and I didn’t hear what you said after that,” she said. She then gave Queen a gift. Annie also apologised with a gift. All has been forgiven now.

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Nonku’s drinking comes up, again!

Donovan chose violence by bringing up the issue of Nonku’s drinking. She asked the ladies what the concern was and Annie said: “Nonku does not think about what she’s saying when she’s drunk and then it rubs people in the wrong way.” Sorisha added: “When Nonku told me she blacks out from time to time, she doesn’t remember the things that happen, those were my concerns.”

Nonku didn’t remember saying that to Sorisha and that made things awkward. How does Queen feel about the entire situation? “I know the effect of drinking. I went through the same thing, I was an alcoholic,” Queen revealed. She said she wouldn’t want her daughter to go through what she went through.

Nonku said her co-stars went behind her back and made fun of her, which hurt her. “What I don’t appreciate is being gossiped about like that.”

This triggered another argument between Londie and Nonku, with Londie apologising once again. Nonku broke down and opened up about her experience with alcohol. She said she was her own worst enemy.

Single vs married ladies?

During this season, some viewers picked up that some of the married ladies were treating the single ladies differently. Was that really the case? LaConco told Donovan that she had had a conversation with Mabusi about that off air.

She said she told Mabusi that she should be proud of herself because she had no funding or any support system. “The person I respect even more is her [Mabusi] because she has a system to save up and I relate because I’m also doing the same” LaConco added.

Londie then wanted to know if that implied that the married ladies didn’t save? “I didn’t say that,” LaConco replied. “I said you have support,” she added. “For me it’s the saving up and saying she respects her for hustling as if being a wife is not hustling on its own. Being a housewife is a job on its own,” Londie shared.

Annie echoed Londie’s sentiments, adding that she was a millionaire in her own right. Nonku stepped in and defended LaConco’s point. “Every single woman in here I do believe they work hard. But there is a difference – I don’t care what you say – between having a husband. You have some sort of support.” And she isn’t wrong.

Is Petal real and does LaConco have a home?

In case you’re still trying to find out of LaConco’s mystery man, Petal, is real or not, we finally have an answer. When asked about him, LaConco told Donovan: “He’s breathing very well, in flesh and blood. He’s alive. So, he’s definitely a guy that I met and liked the character. So, I can call it like he’s a bestie, he’s a friend.”

Because of what Jojo told them about Petal, Londie is still not convinced. “Judging from what Jojo was saying, clearly he does exist but we are not sure that he exists on the level we were told about at first. Maybe he was just a friend,” she said. Also, Londie said she’s never seen a picture of Petal and that her friendship with LaConco would be repaired if she told the truth.

It seems LaConco is still not ready to open up about her private life and that’s a boundary she’s not willing to compromise on. She told the ladies why they had never been to her real home. “You guys know exactly that I can’t film in my own space… I did say that I’m a tenant there because I don’t own a title deed.” Maybe it’s time to put this situation to rest? LaConco will clearly never be comfortable enough to share certain parts of her life with the ladies.

We’re glad that there were a few smiles and happy tears towards the end of the reunion. Jojo and Mabusi made peace, while LaConco told MaKhumalo that she had a lot of respect for her. Sorisha was hopeful that the group of ladies would get another chance to get to know each other. Who knows, we could see stronger friendships if another season comes.


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