Few facts about Thabiso Ramotshela

Thabiso Ramotshela was born on 26 September 2003 in Krugersdorp Gauteng.

Thabiso has become one of the most loved and celebrated characters on The River. It is clear to many fans, viewers, and critics that the young actor is something different and special in one package.

The confidence and relaxation with which he portrays his character identify one who has had a lot of practice. Sources close to the actor revealed that while at school, he was always involved in school plays and that he always stood out with his performances on the stage.

To get the role of Morena Mokwepa Mokoena, Thabiso had to go through the audition process, which the show’s runners set up. It turned out to be just a formality because reports claim that his audition moved the makers of the show to tears, and he was offered the role on the spot.

That was just the beginning, as viewers were soon cued into what the showrunners loved so much about the young actor who was handed the role of the estranged teenage son of one of the show’s most controversial characters in the person of Thuso’ Cobra’ Mokoena.

Fans and viewers of The River first saw Morena when his mother dropped him off at his father’s house in Refilwe. She described him as a hard-headed teenager who always wants to have his way without regard to what his actions will cost him or others.

Thabiso’s character Morena accurately embodies the average teenager with abandonment issues who typically act out by getting involved in all kinds of nefarious activities, including stealing, drug abuse, and mixing up with the wrong crowd.

Ramotshela’s acting abilities as Morena resonated with many South Africans who have also had to deal with the ignominy of abandonment either by their fathers or another close relative. Morena’s presence in the series also allowed viewers to see a more gentle side to the Cobra character, who is renowned for his equally hard stances and difficult personality.

Cobra became determined to be a father to Morena, caring for and supporting him through his endeavors. This fatherly overture has also led to the evolution of Morena into a more self-aware young man who is now more adept at making smart, positive choices.

Thabiso Ramotshela also appears to have a thriving career as a model and excels quite well at it too.


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