Acts of Foreplay To Try For Your Partner

By definition, foreplay is most well-known as “the sexual acts or behaviors prior to penetrative intercourse or sex" says sexologist Tanya Bass, PhD. Oftentimes, the term foreplay is interchangeable with “outercourse"—as foreplay can occur outside of clothing, says Bass. (Think: kissing, touching, texting, eye contact, etc.)

But foreplay can also include what happens before any sexual touch—and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be strictly physical. “Foreplay is the mental build-up of arousal in which you and your partner start to feel the sexual tension. It creates time for the desire to build, which increases pleasure for when you do start sexing.

It’s very important to spend time engaging in foreplay before moving further in the bedroom. But in reality, foreplay goes much deeper than just being a precursor to your definition of sex.

Basically, there's no need to look at foreplay as something that happens before the main event because, hi, for a lot of women, foreplay can be the best part of sex. Especially for those who don’t orgasm from penetrative sex…which, according to studies, is a lot of you. And foreplay ups your orgasm odds by, like, a lot!

For that reason, looking at foreplay as an appetizer and not a meal of its own can seriously hinder your chances of an orgasm. Think of foreplay as the activities that are most likely to build up arousal, however they culminate. Sex doesn’t have to be a linear experience starting with a kiss and ending up with intercourse.

Here is a list of our foreplay acts to get your imagination goingđź’‹

  • Watch each other undress
  •  Nibbling earlobes
  • Sucking and biting their neck
  • Licking and sucking nipples
  • French kissing
  • Caressing and squeezing breasts
  • Stroking their penis or caressing their clitoris
  • Licking and kissing their anal area
  • Lightly caressing someone all over their body
  • Spanking their ass
  • Playing with their testicles
  • Telling them they’re good at something
  • Sexting them what you want to do to them when you see them next

In addition, totally fair game to focus on specific body parts, such as the pubic bone or back of your partner’s neck. Again, the fun of it is all in taking the pressure off yourselves to make your partner orgasm—as long as it feels good to both people, you’re on the right track.

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