Getting to know Mantwa Matlala: Julius Malema's wife

Considering how beautiful the wife of Julius Malema looks, you can tell that the leader of one of South Africa’s opposition parties, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has an eye for beautiful women. Despite being a man who prefers keeping his family away from the public domain, he still can not help but gush about them from time to time on social media.

Despite being the wife of someone of public interest, Mantwa Matlala has maintained a very private life. Even in her absence from the public, her good reports have leaked to the public space. Her husband, who is so proud of his elegant and supportive wife, is always ready to tell the world how blessed he is to have a wife who supports him.

Mantwa Matlala is the wife of Julius Malema, who prefers to keep her life under wraps. She became popular for being the wife of South Africa’s anti-apartheid activist and the founder of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). 

Though her marriage brought her to the limelight, Mantwa is also a career-driven woman. She is a prolific accountant who works for a company based in Johannesburg. It is quite understandable why her career involvement may not have brought her to the limelight, seeing that, unlike entertainment, it has little or nothing to do with the public.

Julius Malema started dating his wife while he was in high school. After dating for a very long time, the lovebirds finally tied the knot on the 27th of November 2014. In today’s world, it is not common to see a young man who gets married fresh out of high school, but in Malema’s case, it is understandable, seeing that he matriculated from high school at the age of 29.

The desire for privacy by Mantwa and her husband began even before they tied the knot, and it could be seen at its peak at their wedding ceremony. There are reports that their neighbors were not informed about the wedding and were surprised when they were asked to sign a petition allowing the family to mount a marquee in preparation for the event. It was at this point they knew a wedding plan was in progress.

The wedding was strictly by invitation, of which just 500 people got the invite, and 20 security men were employed to ensure that security was at its peak and to see to it that only invited guests were allowed to come in. Warnings were issued to neighbors that they were not allowed to take pictures of the event. As you would expect, the event was graced by the crème de la crème of society. The invitee’s list included television and political personalities, some of which came in their private choppers.

Mantwa and Julius also try to keep their boys away from the public space. However, that has not stopped Julius Malema from uploading their pictures once in a while on Instagram and showing the world how blessed he is to have such amazing children.

The two children Mantwa shares with her husband, Julius, are not the only children in the family, as the latter had a son called Ratanang in 2006 with Maropeng Ramohlale, a woman he was involved with before he married Mantwa Matlala.

Saying Julius Malema keeps his family off social media may not be an accurate statement seeing that his Instagram handle is full of pictures of his beautiful wife and sons. But the fact that he regularly shows them off to the world does not mean he is open about his family. On the contrary, the couple is private, and from their wedding ceremony, you can tell that. They have never been known to have any public scandal.

That may not necessarily be because they are two perfect people who do not have quarrels, but because they have learned how to settle their differences without involving the public. Julius has a beautiful wife who understands him and supports his every move. He has made headlines for the good, bad, and ugly, and through it all, his wife, Mantwa Matlala, has always stood by him.


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