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Monday 7 June 2021

Episode 3631

Mzi and Puleng receive sudden news of Suffocate’s sentencing hearing. Puleng freaks out and Mzi takes her out for a meal to calm her down. Pearl and Pule flirt. Both have an agenda and think they have the other where they want them. Puleng and Mzi walk in on Pule and Pearl cosying up at the Metropol.

Zinhle is jealous of Zak and Kea. She fishes for information from the pair. When she tries to rekindle things with Zak, he tells her it’s over between them. Mapula confesses to Sabelo that Mampho is not the best fit for the Youth Day bash. Mapula asks Sindiswa for help, but Sindiswa refuses and gloats.

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Episode 3632

Pule tries to convince Mzi and Puleng that he can control Pearl, but Mzi doesn’t trust him. Puleng reminds them how important it is to present a united front, especially today of all days - Suffocate’s sentencing hearing. Fats and Sabelo are concerned about Suffo in jail, especially after the sentencing is postponed. 

The Youth Day bash is in danger of being a disaster, as Mampho’s earnestness threatens to torpedo the event. But Sindiswa steps up at the last minute to save Mapula’s bacon.

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Episode 3633

Puleng gives Fats the shocking, but happy, news that Suffo has made him the new owner of Kilowatt club. Fats tries to comprehend the massive change to his life - he is now the owner of his very own successful business. An emotional moment is had when Fats goes to visit Suffo in jail to thank him.

Sindiswa and Mapula finally make up with each other, much to Sabelo’s joy. Mapula and Mampho are surprised when Sindi thanks the whole 9-Nine team for making a successful pre Youth Day party. All the friends come together to throw a surprise party for Fats.

Thursday 10 June 2021

Episode 3634

Pule grows increasingly frustrated with Puleng’s stubbornness against taking on the American investor’s deal. He tries to convince Mzi to back him, but Mzi is conflicted. Pule finally resorts to showing Mzi a video of how much Suffocate is suffering in prison and how much he needs them to help get him out.

Sabelo abuses his friendship with Fats, who has to set new professional boundaries in place. Fats meets a beautiful stranger and has to work up the courage to approach her. Mapula tries to get Kea to sell her handmade jewellery, and Kea has to be honest with Mapula about what she really thinks of her pieces.

Friday 11 June 2021

Episode 3635

Puleng learns that Pule is plotting behind her back from any angle he can. He even enlists Cuba’s help to get Puleng to buy into the RedHub deal. But the wily old woman embarrasses him when she sides with Puleng. Finally, Suffo has to tell Pule very forcefully that Puleng is in charge.

Sabelo teases an excited Fats about his date with Amandla. But Fats is stunned when a weeping Valentine arrives at his door. He tries to raincheck the date but Amandla thinks she’s been stood up. Kop wants the family to brainstorm what to do with the money from Miles.


Monday 14 June 2021

Episode 3636

Pule wants the family to vote over the Pulse Records deal and Puleng agrees. She grows suspicious when she again walks in on Pule and Pearl a little too close for comfort. Pule is floored when Mzi votes with Puleng and Pearl urges him to take charge of the situation. 

Valentine tells Fats she needs a few weeks to figure things out. Sabelo thinks Valentine came to Fats with ulterior motives but Fats believes otherwise. Amandla comes to talk to Fats but flees when she finds him having a cosy luncheon with Valentine. 

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Episode 3637

Pule pretends to accept that Mzi has sided with Puleng for the sake of the family, but when Suffo drops out of contact with the family, a new scheme presents itself. Valentine offers to leave so as not to interfere with Fats and Amandla, but secretly she is planning to win him over for the money. 

Fats is elated when Amandla agrees to give him another chance. Kea is faced with the brutal reality of further education. Jafta discovers that the Khuses are planning to retire to the countryside, and wastes no time in spreading the news.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Episode 3638

Pule and Pearl work together to make sure Puleng and Suffocate aren’t able to communicate about the Pulse Records deal that Puleng doesn’t approve off. Pule goes a step further and throws Suffo under the bus to ensure that it all goes off without opposition.

Fats’ love life takes an unexpected twist when Amandla walks out halfway through their date but Valentine is ready and waiting to comfort him. Meanwhile, Cuba confronts Blossom about her impending move and it turns ugly. Sabelo wishes the Khuses could take him with them and away from Machiliza’s house.

Thursday 17 June 2021

Episode 3639

Pule has the signed contracts for Pearl and Pulse Records, ready to pull the trigger. But a heartfelt moment from Puleng gives him pause. Much to Pearl’s disgust. Meanwhile, Mzi makes an important discovery.

Fats has regrets about his night with Valentine and doesn’t stop her when she threatens to leave. Little does she know Fats is rekindling things with Amandla. Cuba vents to Jafta about Blossom leaving her. Jafta comforts her, and there’s a moment. Sabelo lands on the idea of buying the Khuses home.

Friday 18 June 2021

Episode 3640

Pule, the signed deal with Pulse Records in hand, makes a crucial decision about betraying Puleng. Mzi stumbles upon the truth of Khulekani’s connection to Pulse and rushes to stop the signing... But he is too late.

Fats gives Valentine money to leave, but instead, she does her best to keep disrupting Fats’ relationship with Amandla. Fats seems to be none the wiser to her tricks. Blossom takes it on herself to give Kop some solid advice about the money from Miles. 


Monday 21 June 2021

Episode 3641

 Pule discovers that he was wrong about the deal when a furious Mzi and Puleng confront him. He reveals that he pulled out of the signing and Mzi and Puleng put their anger at him aside so that they can fight Pearl and Khulekani together.

Amandla reaches out to Valentine and invites Fats to spend the night at her place. Valentine continues to play the damsel in distress to manipulate Fats from spending more time with Amandla. Sabelo is disappointed to discover the Khuses are no longer selling their house. 

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Episode 3642

Puleng wants to brainstorm strategies to strike at Khulekani but Mzi doesn’t support her call to battle. Pule, meanwhile, reveals that there is something he knows that they can use. Ziyanda grows nervous as Zak shows increasing interest in Khulekani’s business. 

Amandla is getting cold feet about having a relationship with Fats - because of Valentine. Fats asks Valentine to leave, and she reveals she came back because she wants to be with him. Later, Valentine interrupts Fats and Amandla’s romantic evening with shocking news.

Blossom is worried when Kop doesn’t return home from driving students around during the night. As she tries to reconcile with Cuba about not having told her of the move to the farm, Kea runs in with bad news.

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Episode 3643

Mzi wants in on Pule and Puleng’s secret. She finally reveals to him the secret weapon that will explode Khulekani’s whole life. Meanwhile, Khulekani draws Zak deeper into his world. Ziyanda protests and asks Nandi for help, but it only ends up in a fight between the sisters. 

Fats avoids Amandla while trying to wrap his head around Valentine’s pregnancy. When Sabelo suggests to Fats that Valentine is setting him up, Fats confronts Valentine and kicks her out of the club. A heartbroken Blossom stays by Kop’s side, while Kea blames herself for the brutal attack.

Thursday 24 June 2021

Episode 3644

Khulekani and Puleng have a confrontation when their two families collide. Ziyanda realizes that Puleng has some sort of ammunition on Khulekani and later overhears as Zak pleads with Khulekani to let him in on all his workings.

Fats struggles to explain to Amandla why he went MIA. She is losing her patience with the situation.  Valentine and Sheila try to reason with Fats but his response doesn’t satisfy them. Kea’s guilt about Kop’s accident drives her to offer to give up her course and get the money back.

Friday 25 June 2021

Episode 3645

Mzi tries to persuade Puleng and Pule to stop their plan to re-start the hostilities with Khulekani. Zak makes a discovery about his father’s real nature, and is put to the test about how to respond. Amandla confronts Fats with the truth about Valentine’s pregnancy. He is devastated when she tells him it’s over. 

Cuba and Jafta decide to put together a fund-raising effort to help Kop and Blossom. Jamaica witnesses a rare moment of tenderness.


Monday 28 June 2021

Episode 3646

Khulekani instructs Mandlakhe to take Zak with on a dangerous errand. Zak surprises Mandlakhe when he helps him out of a violent encounter and Mandlakhe is further surprised - and disturbed - when Khulekani talks about Zak as his upcoming second-in-command. 

Reunited, Fats and Amandla have a plan for how to deal with the problem of Valentine. They insist she take a pregnancy test in front of them. When the test is positive, Valentine is vindicated and the couple disappointed. Nonetheless, Fats tells Amandla he cannot turn his back on his child. 

Cuba, Jafta and the kids embark on a long day of fund raising for the Khuses. They are regaled by stories of how important the family has been to the local community. Jafta has a tender moment with Cuba when she falls asleep at his house.

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Episode 3647

When Zinhle tries to warn Zak about getting close to Khulekani, he snaps at her. And when Ziyanda tells him to apologise, he snaps at her too. Both women are hurt and shocked. Ziyanda realises that as time goes by, he will only become more and more like Khulekani. 

Valentine gives Fats a terrible ultimatum. If he moves in with Amandla, she’ll run, and he’ll never see his child. Fats is forced to make a horrible choice. Cuba and Jafta are in denial about their budding relationship.

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Episode 3648

Ziyanda reaches out to Puleng, wanting them to join forces to take down Khulekani. Mzi is extremely suspicious of Ziyanda’s offer but Pule believes it’s the break they’ve been waiting for. Meanwhile, Nandi feels sidelined as Khulekani draws Zak deeper into the business operations. 

Valentine believes she has Fats where she wants him. Valentine ruins another evening for Fats and Amandla, who is growing increasingly disillusioned about the situation. Kop is released from hospital under strict instructions to rest. But he and Blossom worry about their finances if he doesn’t get back to work. 


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