You saw her mentioned in the Generations teasers for July, now scooch in close for the scuttlebutt on the "new Mrs Phakade"... this is what we know:

1.She's played by Khabonina "Khabodacious" Qubeka, who'll be in two primetime shows next month: Gen, and Season 2 of Mzansi Magic's Abomama where she's replacing Khanyi Mbau as Tshidi, one of the five lead characters. 

2. Mrs Phakade's first name is Oby and she's a Nigerian diplomat. Highly connected in the world of politics and powerful. 

In other words, she's so problematic she's morally bankrupt.

The show describes her as "physically beautiful but morally repulsive. She has an enthralling and commanding presence. She’s poised and imperious, driven by a desire for power and control."

3. She's linked to people. People like Nkaba (Nimrod Nkosi) who happens to owe her because she's helped him achieve his goals.

4. Importanto... she's the late Jonathon Okiri's twin sister and therefore Ayanda's ex sister-in-law.

5. She debuts on Thursday 8 July.

But wait a sec, she's Nigerian right? so why does she has the same surname as Gadaffi???  I guess we'll have to wait for things to unfold on TV.



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