House of Zwide Teasers - August 2021

 Coming up on House of Zwide in August 2021:

Monday 2 August 2021

Episode 11  

Rea and Funani have an intense face to face over their daughters. Zanele is devastated when the truth comes out. The tension in the Molapo home bubbles to a troubling level. Molefe's escapades seem to invite danger. 

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Episode 12  

Funani is set on defending the image of House of Zwide despite knowing the truth. Tensions in the Molapo home run high until they get a surprising visit from Funani. Molefe's life is on the line when his past catches up with him. 

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Episode 13  

Funani has a shocking proposition for the Molapo’s, setting Ona up in opposition to her father. Molefe tries his best to raise the money for Sivu but ends up going to Rea. Faith is furious when she finds out what Funani did.  

Thursday 5 August 2021 

Episode 14  

Funani tries to work out who betrayed him. Isaac reluctantly agrees to help Molefe pay his debt. Ona makes a difficult choice while Faith tackles Zanele.  

Friday 6 August 2021

Episode 15  

Ona receives her father’s blessing only to suffer a crisis of confidence. Funani suspects the traitor in his camp is much closer to home. Molefe is unaware of the big trouble brewing for him and the Molapos.


Monday 9 August 2021

Episode 16  

Molefe’s sins finally catch up to him but the wrong person ends up paying the price. Ona’s first day at Zwide is nothing like how she imagined while Zanele realizes she must earn her father’s forgiveness.

Tuesday 10 August 2021

Episode 17  

Bra T is clearly willing to get violent and Isaac realizes he has to sort out Molefe’s mess. Sandile keeps the truth about his background hidden as the new interns move into their flat in Rosebank,

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Episode 18  

Isaac enlists the help of some old friends to take on Bra T. When Nomsa learns Molefe is in town she confronts him revealing a complicated past between them. Faith manipulates Zanele into help her deal with Ona.

Thursday 12 August 2021

Episode 19  

Ona finds a new ally in Sandile but an opportunistic Mampho tells Zanele Ona’s been getting help. Molefe tries to charm his way into a new place to live while Bra T puts a bounty on his head.

Friday 13 August 2021

Episode 20  

Faith gives Ona and Sandile an impossible task and makes it clear to Sandile that helping Ona will be his downfall. De Villiers tries to strong arm Funani into signing the retail contract. Molefe says his goodbyes, but as he leaves Bra T’s hitman fires shots into the Molapo yard.


Monday 16 August 2021

Episode 21  

War with Bra T seems inevitable until Molefe makes a tough choice. Ona is forced to miss work because of the coming war but the consequences fall on Sandile’s head. Nkosi makes a shocking discovery about the retail contract.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Episode 22  

Isaac ends up cutting a shaky deal with Bra T and gets warned his decision will have consequences. Ona pleads her case for missing work, but Faith still gives her a written warning. The whole family tries to ambush Funani but fail miserably.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Episode 23  

Money issues are starting to cause tension between Shoki and Nomsa. Sokalezwe and Sandile meet for the first time. De Villiers gives Funani a hard deadline to sign the contract while Zanele has an idea about how to get Ona to quit.

Thursday 19 August 2021

Episode 24 

Faith and Zanele manage to humiliate Ona and she finally breaks down. Lazarus and Pearl jump to conclusions about Nambitha. Nomsa’s money woes go from bad to worse when their illegal electricity connection is discovered and disconnected.

Friday 20 August 2021

Episode 25  

Ona is on the verge of giving up her dream but an unlikely intervention leaves Faith beyond frustrated. Nomsa chases down an old debt involving Molefe. An angry De Villiers threatens Nkosi.


Monday 23 August 2021

Episode 26  

Nkosi fails yet again to get Funani to sign the retail contract and he pulls a desperate move. Funani gets a worrying call from his father back home. Money troubles lead to bad choices for both Shoki and Nomsa.

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Episode 27  

Soka discovers Shoki’s secret that could get Ona in trouble.  Nkosi makes Faith believe he’s handled De Villiers. Funani’s parents, Zechariah and Ma Zwide arrive in town and Ma Zwide’s illness puts the whole family in crisis.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Episode 28  

Ona’s finally succeeding at Zwide but Shoki might land her in trouble. Nkosi tries to cover his tracks but Faith discovers what he’s done. Funani and Zechariah clash over how to deal with Ma Zwide’s illness.

Thursday 26 August 2021

Episode 29  

Shoki realizes she might have gotten her best friend in big trouble. Faith and Nkosi come up with a strategy to avoid Funani’s fury while Funani and Zechariah continue to argue forcing Ma Zwide to make a tough choice.

Friday 27 August 2021

Episode 30  

The Zwide's receive devastating news about Ma Zwide’s condition and when Funani stands his ground Zechariah is forced to make a desperate move. Nomsa takes matters into her own hands regarding Soka’s car while Shoki gets sticky fingers again.


Monday 30 August 2021

Episode 31  

Old wounds boil to the surface between Funani and his father when it becomes clear Ma Zwide will need a risky surgery.  Shoki struggles with her conscience while Soka tries to avoid Nomsa’s demands.

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Episode 32  

Funani’s mother finally steps up and makes a decision about the surgery, but it might cost her marriage. The pressure on Soka increases and Shoki finds herself being accused of stealing.

Premiere episodes of House of Zwide air on from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00.



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