Jo-Anne Reyneke Reflects On Her Weight Loss Journey

Jo-Anne Reyneke recently took to Instagram to reflect on her weight loss journey. She said it has been a long journey, she added that she feared people at times because she did not want them to see her.

"It's been a long journey yoh!!! The weight loss journey is an individual one, it takes a lot of love to love yourself through every size and shape. I developed a fear of crowds when I was at my heaviest, it took a while to realize that it was only because I didn't want people to see me...

"I had to come to a place where I realized that being happy is a Choice! Life will always be hard, rich or poor it will be choose you Hard! #everyonesstory."

Taking to the comments section, fans said they are inspired by Jo-Anne's story and thanked her for sharing.

Jeanettraletooane responded: "Thank you so much for sharing. I don't blame you and I can understand that why you feared crowds because there is often so much judgment that comes from the spectators and can affect one. But with self-love anything is possible."


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