Sannah Mcunu on how being a mom of two by age 19 affects her role as Zodwa on Gomora

A mother’s love comes second to none, and viewers of Mzansi Magic’s new hit drama series Gomora seem to agree. The mother and son bond between Zodwa (played by Sannah Mcunu) and Teddy (Sicelo Buthelezi) has won the hearts of viewers. Zodwa is an alcoholic who is overprotective of her son who was taken away from her because of her addiction. However, despite her illness, Teddy’s love for his mother remains solid.

Speaking about her role in the telenovela, the former Muvhango actress says, “No mother is perfect, but a mother’s love is always unconditional. Most single mothers are faced with such challenges that they rely on alcohol or other substances in order to cope with life.”

Sannah has had the greatest joy portraying this character in a way that has hit home for viewers.

“I always try to improvise and stick to, ‘What would Sana do?’. Which always results in the catchy lines that, surprisingly, most viewers enjoy.”

A recent Sannah line was a hit with viewers. “I birth it, I make it, I born it, I grew it and you take it,” she said during a scene where she’s trying to get her son back.

“To our children, no mother is perfect. We are trying. It is hard to raise a child or children,” she tells Move!.

By the age of 19, Sannah already had two children and hadn’t finished school, much to the disappointment of her parents. She married while young as well. “When my marriage fell apart, I went home. I opened the fridge at home with [only] onion and water inside,” the mother of seven adds.

She went from worrying about what she was going to eat to seeing things turn in her favour. “When God closed that door for me (her marriage), the talent I did not know I had [was] unleashed,” Sannah says.

Life wasn’t easy for her, she admits, but she’s managed to rewrite her script. “It’s not over until God says it’s over. I’ve been written off by so many people, but I stuck to my faith and through that He has made an example out of me,” she adds.


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