TOP SECRET: A dossier on DiepCity's new crime lord Sonia "Zola" Mbele

 Operation DiepCity.

Calling all field agents.

Be on the lookout for this Person of Interest:

Name: Zola.

Alter ego: Sonia Mbele. 

Last seen: Going after Mgedeza (Mduduzi Mabaso). Not to kill him but to ensnare him in her lusty grip.

 Known associates: Her kingpin father - a gun smuggler. She inherited his syndicate. Has no women friends.

Crimes: Gun smuggling. Killed her father's lieutenant when he undermined her in front of other people. 

Weapons: Sex appeal. Deadly manicure. Vixen tendencies. Only reveals her dark side when necessary.

Victims: Men and other kingpins who want her, but also fear her.

Known weakness: Things don’t go as planned for her in the love department.

First seen: Tuesday 27 July at 20h00.

Over and Out.

To know more about her character read Diep City August Teaser


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