''Zulu men, I am ready to marry!'' Thuli Phongolo

One of South Africa’s most beautiful actresses, disc jockey (DJ), and media personality Thulisile Phongolo looks to be ‘ready to settle down and get married. The former Generations: The Legacy actress(played Namhla Diale), recently attended one of her friend’s traditional wedding ceremonies.

The ceremony was so beautiful and well-executed, that Thuli could not help but want something similar for herself too. Her friend was getting married into a Zulu family, and as expected the ceremony was both beautiful and culturally enriched, which left Thuli speechless.
The actresses and DJ took her Instagram stories, to celebrate her friend’s big day.
“My friend is a Makoti now. The Lobola ceremony was…” wrote Thuli. “I Don’t have the right words to describe it. Marrying into a Zulu family is a beautiful experience in terms of culture!!! Everything was just…The songs??? I’m in awe” she continued.
Thuli clearly had a good time attending her friend’s Lobola ceremony, so much so that she might be having wedding fever. She also took this time to let Zulu men know that she was ready to be a Zulu Makoti as well. “Zulu men, I hope you’re having a good day Banda. I’m not saying I’m ready, but I’m also saying I’m not ready” she said.
So if you are a Zulu man, and the beautiful Thuli Phongolo is your type, now it is the time for you to shoot your shot.


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