Arendsvlei Teasers - September 2021


Coming up on Arendsvlei in September 2021:

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Episode 195

Daniel is happy when Emily impresses the Cupidos with a lovely breakfast. Debra and Ingrid fight about the boxing club. Joshua makes Eugene's life difficult at the school.

Thursday 2 September 2021

Episode 196

Money disappears from Beatrice’s room. Lionel gets sent from pillar to post and Ingrid draws a line in the sand for Lennie.


Monday 6 September 2021

Episode 197

Karelse hatches a plan to investigate Ingrid and the boxing club. The family struggles to get along in the runup to Lee- Roy and Wesley’s wedding, while Lennie confronts Willem. 

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Episode 198

Beatrice and Daniel make peace and come to an agreement about Emily. Lionel and Muriel are conspiring behind everyone’s backs about the wedding planning.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Episode 199

Beatrice tries to help Emily. Ingrid is excited about the winner of the club's first boxing match. Willem shows Eugene what happens to under-performers. 

Thursday 9 September 2021

Episode 200

Beatrice suspects Emily is not serious about finding a job. Eugene and Terrence have their first mentorship meeting. Both Ronel and Muriel are hellbent on winning the tender for the wedding. 


Monday 13 September 2021

Episode 201

Wesley and Lee-Roy are in two minds about the wedding planning pitches. Lennie struggles with having Jake/Clint around and will Emily be caught out? 

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Episode 202

Emily tries to blackmail Daniel. Eugene teaches Terrance how to handle Joshua. Jake tries to find out more about Ingrid’s illegal jobs.

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Episode 203

Wesley and Lee-Roy announce who will be planning their wedding, but there’s a twist in the tale. Emily is in trouble but once again finds a way to worm her way out of it, while Lennie struggles with his feelings for Ingrid. 

Thursday 16 September 2021

Episode 204

Willem organises a fight for Eugene at the club. Something of Daniel’s mother goes missing. Karelse tells Jake to get closer to Ingrid to find out more about her plans.


Monday 20 September 2021

Episode 205

Ronel and Murial reach an unexpected compromise. Things come to a head with Emily and Beatrice and Daniel make a final call on how to deal with her.

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Episode 206

Jake gets a surprise at the club and Ingrid makes her intentions with him clear. Wesley and Lee-Roy get good news. Daniel feels guilty for withholding the truth from Beatrice. 

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Episode 207

Beatrice feels resentful after discovering Jake is in Arendsvlei. The wedding team try to find a solution to the latest crisis and Lionel feels left out. 

Thursday 23 September 2021

Episode 208

The wedding team decide to make Lionel feel part of the wedding. Beatrice decides to take control in her relationship with Jake. Willem gives Eugene an ultimatum.


Arendsvlei airs on kykNET & Kie from Mondays to Thursdays at 19h30.


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