The Resurrection of Gabisile on Uzalo

Viewers of SABC 1’s Uzalo witnessed the disappearance of Gabisile (portrayed by Baby Cele) after she was thrown into the river by her partner Qhabanga (previously portrayed by Siyabonga Shibe who has also left the show). 

Gabisile’s disappearance occurred when Qhabanga discovers that she was responsible for the death of his wife and son, Nomcebo and Khela which left him outraged at  what she had done and resulted in him suffocating her and throwing her body into the river under the impression that he had killed her.It became evident that the general conclusion was that Gabisile was dead after she did not return to KwaMashu at the end of season 6.

In season 7 of Uzalo, viewers will witness Gabisile remerging in KwaMashu as a changed woman. Head Writer for the soapie, Clive Madiya explains that after she was thrown into the river, we all assumed that she had died but in actuality ‘’a terrified Gabisile had been found by Hlelo (portrayed by Nothando Ngcobo) shortly after the incident who offered her refuge for a period of 5 months in a poverty stricken and somewhat God forsaken village, to which Gabisile believed is a second chance from God after the horrible act that she has committed against Qhabanga,’’ Madiya goes on to explain that Hlelo’s character plays a vital role in Gabisile’s determination to become a better person. 

‘’In Season 7’’ , he says ‘’after Gabisile is rescued by Hlelo, she learns that Hlelo is actually in an abusive relationship and takes it upon herself, as a way of redeeming her evils, to save Hlelo and seek the help of other community members and who better than the community of KwaMashu and hence we see Gabisile return to KwaMashu in an attempt to right her wrongs by saving Hlelo’’.




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