Ways to make it as an actor in South Africa 2021

You may already know about the Generations cast-and-producer gate. But, if you are an aspiring actress, don't be alarmed. Below are 11 ways to make it and survive in the acting industry:

1. Have the raw talent and passion: Know your skills and talents. Also, make sure you surround yourself with people whom you trust to be honest with you. That will help you make sure whether or not this field is for you.

2. Dream big, but dare to start small: It is always important to have a plan. Most of the time that is the beginning of a successful career. If you are at University and studying a degree in Drama, get involved in student-written plays, or those written and directed by academics in the field.

This is a great way to learn more about your future career trajectory and to exercise that performance muscle. You could even get involved in short films to broaden your horizons. This will not only build your CV, but also your relationships and connections that can maybe help you in the future.

3. Use your resources: With technology developing at such a fast pace, you can even gather your like-minded friends, shoot a movie of any length possible with your cellphone or i-Pad, and watch your fan-base grow on Youtube.

4. Build bridges: If ever you are fortunate enough to be in a production, let alone be the main character, make sure you put your best character-foot forward.

Treat everyone, from the gaffers to the execs, with the same level of respect. Many famous actors and actresses have fallen by the wayside, because of bad attitudes. Damaged professional relationships are hard to repair.

5. Know your value and worth: The last thing you want as an actor is to be underpaid and exploited. It is also important to define how far you are willing to go to be successful.

There have recently been reports of women facing various forms of abuse in this field.

However, you can make it in this industry without compromising your sense of self-worth. Whatever you do to be successful, make sure you won't regret it.

6. Join a Union or Actors Guild: Being a part of this collective educates you about your rights as an actor, thus giving you autonomy. One union to join in South Africa is SAGA (South African Guild of Actors).

7. Join an agency: There are plenty of agencies to choose from in South Africa, but it is not easy to get in. What makes this easier...

Finding an agency that matches your skills and qualifications (represents actors, singers, writers or dancers).

You have to audition in order to join a talent agency. To increase your chances of success,  carry your complete CV. One that will really sell you as a performer. I willl write an article of all the artist agencies  in South Africa

8. Audition: Sell yourself and show people why you are the most eligible for that particular role. Remember "show", rather than "tell".

9. Believe in yourself: It's all about your attitude. You will face rejection, and that will test your character. But, don’t give up. Keep going back to the drawing board.  You never know how close you are to your big break.

10. Be disciplined: You have made it. Now, the challenge is to stay there. Make sure you are punctual for episode shoots/photo shoots. Know your lines - that makes you easier to work with.

11. Be Humble: There is always something to learn and room for growth, even in the creative industry. In order to maintain a semblance of relevance in this industry, it is always important to embrace the evolution of art (acting included), which enables you to keep learning.

A few tips from actress Trudy van Rooy, who has a BA Honours in Theatre and Performance.

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