Getting to know Melusi aka Zolisa Xaluva

 Whether you are his fan or not, there’s no denying the success of Zolisa Xaluva. One of South Africa’s talented actor, he actually struggled to find his niche earlier. He is proof that most successful people do not always get things handed on a platter. Like most thriving actors, Xaluva had his fair share of failure before he eventually made it big.

Today, the actor is a fan favorite and has worked with notable people on several projects. Zolisa is currently 40 years old. Though a late bloomer, he has managed to surpass the records of most of his colleagues. He is well loved and respected in the entertainment industry.

Zolisa Xaluva was born on the 13th of June 1981, in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. His parents were not very rich to give him what most rich kids had at the time. At age 11, things became a bit hard for them and they had to leave Pretoria to live with their extended family in Johannesburg.

His family lived there for some time before the actor and his siblings left to pursue greener pastures. Though it was not totally a pleasant situation, they made the most of every opportunity that was laid before them. While growing up, there was no particular event that helped him choose his career path in the entertainment industry.

His decision to explore the industry was a conscious one and now we know why – he is naturally blessed with acting talent. He is respected and celebrated among his peers, having convincingly proved his worth as an asset in the industry.

Zolisa Xaluva studied Media Studies and Communications at Wits Technikon University though he couldnt complete his studies.  The actor dropped out because he couldn’t  afford his tertiary fees. He was then  offered admission at Pretoria Tech to major in Drama. He graduated in the year 2003. 

 Xaluva may be having the best time of his life as an actor and playwright right now but things were extremly hard for him when he started his career. He initially tried to make a name for himself and gain prominence through broadcasting but things failed to work out as planned. Unfazed by the momentary failure, he kept pushing until things eventually began to fall in the right direction for him.

After graduating from a Pretoria-based high school, Zolisa was admitted into one of the higher institutions in the country to further his education. Unfortunately, he dropped out of school due to financial difficulties. Xaluva decided to start up a campus radio station at Wits Technikon but he was denied the opportunity because he was no longer a student.

A disappointed Zolisa went back home and decided at some point to relocate to Port Elizabeth. While in the city, he discovered and joined an arts and culture group that moves from place to place performing plays for school children around the community. He later left the group to return to school after performing some gigs with them, having raised some money.

Today, his days of  hard work have eventually paid off. The actor has starred in several high-profile South African projects. Zolisa Xaluva had a difficult time finding acting jobs after he graduated. He earned his first role with the help of his agent who secured a role for him in the famous drama series Tsha Tsha in the year 2005.

The actor’s next job was in the South African TV series Generations, wherein he portrayed a creative genius in advertising called Jason. Through his role in the project, Xaluva’s life changed for the better. He is now known for many great movies and TV series that helped him gain prominence and relevance.


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