How Riky Rick Met His Wife Bianca Naidoo and The Secret to their Happy Union

Riky Rick is a rapper, entrepreneur & a trendsetter. He has the best sense of fashion in South Africa. Apart from all the things we have just mentioned, the handsome musician is a family man.  He is married to Bianca Naidoo and they are blessed with 2 Gorgeous kids.

Riky comes from an unstable home but he wants to rewrite his story and be a good example to his family. The fashionista and his wife are one of the most adored and loved couple in Mzansi. Their  marriage has many special things, but their meeting was nothing out of the ordinary. They met in the early 2010s in a restaurant in Sandton. One aspect of the story that they both agree with is that there was a connection that was almost instant for the pair.

They got into a conversation which then led to a date and some more dates. They soon became friends before a romantic cord was established between them. Before long, they both realized that they wanted to always be in each other’s lives. Considering that Riky gained fame in 2014 after the release of his album, Family Values, it can be stated that he met his wife while he was still struggling to make a name for himself in the music scene.

The couple got married on 26 May 2013. They are believed to have had the ceremony in a secret event as there are no photos or other details available. However, in 2017, he took to his social media to celebrate their 7th year together.

Riky Rick and Bianca’s marriage has been blessed with two kids, with the first being a daughter born by the rapper’s wife from a previous relationship before they met. Their second child is a son, Maik Daniel Makhado, born on 19 March 2014. 

The rapper grew up in a broken home as one of seven children between his parents. His parents had him
and his brother, and then their marriage came to an end in divorce. His mother went on to have two more kids while his father had three kids, the first being a set of twins.

Growing up in such a family made Riky and his wife want to do the right thing and give their children a stable and loving family. He revealed that they did not know the right way, but they have learned along the way, and they are still learning. Riky emphasizes that he is teaching his children to start working early in life, and he is teaching them not to grow up in beautiful circumstances all the time because a little pain is also important.

One of the ways that the couple has managed to keep their relationship this long is by allowing each other some space. According to Bianca, she prefers to allow her husband to do his work except when he invites her to certain events. The mother of two reveals that not being exposed to his gigs helps them to avoid some fights as a couple. More so, she prefers being at home with the kids. Also, they have continued to work together as a team for many years. This is revealed in a post by the rapper while appreciating his wife, that she was always looking at long-term goals of the family, which is one thing that has made him appreciate her.

Unlike many other celebrities who post every aspect of their family life out on social media, these two keep that aspect of their life private, except for the few times, on special occasions where the rapper celebrates his wife. Keeping the marriage very private is yet another way that they have been able to sustain the union for this long, even as celebrity marriages are not known to last long.

In 2019, when he celebrated the seventh anniversary of his marriage on social media, during which he advised men and women to find partners that really cared about them and who doesn’t value life based on world possession, he got dragged by followers who claimed he is being controlled by his wife and forced to stay at home.
He was made fun of as an adult who could not decide for himself how to spend or have fun without his wife doing that for him. This came after revealing in the post that when he wanted to buy a car, watch, or even visit the club, she would tell him to relax and use the money for something better or relax as he has done that 10 years ago. The idea that his beautiful wife was controlling him was further heightened by the claim in the post that whenever he wanted to go and hang out with his friends, she would tell him it was not like the guys even liked him.

Interestingly, he kept his cool without engaging in any unnecessary banter with trolls. Even with all the attacks, he has been getting on social media with his various posts concerning his wife. The couple has continued to have a healthy marriage and a happy home.


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