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Relationships aren’t without their individual ups and downs. Moreover, being under the watchful eyes of the public has been said to do more harm than good to celebrity marriages but when a marriage is based on true partnership, things will always turn out fine in the end. For celebrity couple Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows, their love story can be traced back to when they starred in the popular South African soap opera Scandal and since then, the duo has been inseparable.

More so, the two have gone on to make a name as a power couple in the South African entertainment industry as they have grown in their individual career pursuits, as well as together as a couple. However, like most celebrity marriages, their union has not been left out from the rumor mills. Nonetheless, they have been able to go through all these situations together, coming out stronger.

When Hungani and Stephanie’s relationship started, they were a bit skeptical – especially Stephanie, about how things will turn out. They actually met during Hugani’s audition for a role on the popular S.A TV series, Scandal. Both of them had lunch together that day and really got along well during their conversation.

At that time in December 2015, Hungani was just recovering from an abusive relationship. According to the actor, he was in the United States at the time where he suffered physical abuse from his partner. He did not go in-depth on the relationship he had then nor the identity of his partner. He only hinted about trying to cover the scars on his face but the real scar he could not treat was the internal ones that affected his emotions. Irrespective of this ugly experience, Hungani did not turn down the opportunity of being with his current wife as he summoned the courage to tell Stephanie how he felt about her. Interestingly, just three months after they met, they began their relationship and Hungani started an active protest against domestic abuse.

"The calm before my life took a left turn. Heading down a road I was very unfamiliar with and never thought I would travel but here I am today ... standing tall as a survivor of domestic violence," .

"I've used so many tissue oil brands and facial treatments to repair my skin as best as I possibly could to hide the scars. Funny thing is the scars that need healing and dealing with most are internal. #MotivationMonday, you're almost there champ!

"I got into an abusive relationship when I was still in the US. My girlfriend at that time would get physical with me. We were together for one year and six months. The last six months together were so abusive.

"We would have a minor arguments and she would start hitting me. I would ask her to stop and because of the way I was raised, I refused to hit a woman. But as time went on, I got tired and retaliated."

That's when he decided to come back home to try to make it in the South African industry. As he celebrated four years of playing the role of Romeo Medupe the time he was still acting  on the popular soapie Scandal, he said this was the best decision he could've made.

With regards to his romantic dalliance with Stephanie, they kept news about their relationship away from the media, and many assumed they were just co-stars. However, sometime in November 2017, Hungani spoke about finding love with Stephanie on the show. This was the first time they openly acknowledged their relationship. Stephanie on her own path revealed that when they initially began to date, she worried about what people would say because she was 4 years older than him, however, with the growth she has experienced in her life and relationship, it has become inconsequential.

Even though their relationship was no longer a secret, it still came as a shock to many of their fans after they simultaneously shared pictures on their social media pages in February 2020, hinting at their wedding. Apparently, the wedding took place on the 23rd of February 2019 but they didn’t share the good news until a year after.


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