Intriguing Facts About Okielant Nkosi’s Family Life With Wife Sindi Dlathu and Their Kids

Okielant Nkosi and his wife Sindi Dlathu have  been together for years, building family and raising their kids. Okielant has also maintained a low-key profile on his personal life and family life. The same, however, cannot be said of his wife, Sindi. She is one of the most recognizable faces in both the local and international movie communities, having worked with prominent artists and performers in South Africa and beyond its shores. Regardless of this, it is difficult to take away the fact that her success is deeply connected to him.

Okielant Nkosi and Sindi Dlathu have been married for a couple of years. It is not known exactly when they tied the knot, where their wedding ceremony took place, and how exactly their paths crossed. Neither the actress nor her husband has ever shared publicly how they’ve been fairing in their day today activities as a couple.

What is obvious, however, is that Okielant is in a blissful matrimonial union. Though they may have had their fair share of marital woes, none of them has been able to weigh them down or ruin their marriage.

The Nkosi's are not only successful in their respective fields of endeavor, their marriage is also one of the most admired marriages in the entertainment industry. They literally rose to fame through Sindi’s performances and love for privacy on her family matters and not as tabloid fixtures.

Sindi and her husband share two gorgeous kids. The couple had their kids in South Africa after they got married but decided to keep information about their birth and personal lives away from the media. This explains why their names, pictures, and whereabouts are under the radar. It seems the actress wants her children to live a normal life (like most of their mates) and away from the prying eyes of the media. 

Sindi Dlathu is one celebrity who has proved that it is possible to keep one’s personal life and family matters away from the public regardless of the intrusiveness of the paparazzi and wild media attention. Sindi is famous, yet discreet. She hardly discusses her marriage, family life, and some sensitive part of her personal life with her fans on social media. 

While some of her fans are not comfortable with this, the Meadowlands-born native does not have a problem with her decision. A lot of celebrities are usually misunderstood, judged, and even criticized whenever they give too much information about themselves and the people around them; this could be one of the reasons Dlathu has decided to remain tight-lipped on her family life.

Okielant Nkosi may have a celebrity wife, but he stays far away from the spotlight. Unlike his wife, information about his life and business is not splashed everywhere around. It seems he is not the type that enjoys tweeting life updates, sharing info about his personal life, family affair, home, or even craving the attention of the media, the public, and the paparazzi. It is difficult to tell how Sindi’s fame has rubbed off on Okielant and how well he takes being in the spotlight because of his celebrity wife since there are no constant images of him circulating online or regular stories about him in pop culture publications. Even though hiding from the public or staying out of the spotlight seems to be a
tough job, Okielant has learned to make it work.


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