Mind Blowing Facts you didnt know about Mapaseka Koetle’s Marriage

Mapaseka is an award-winning South African actress and entrepreneur. Most people may know her better by the name Dintle Setuke, which is the character she plays in the popular soap opera, Scandal. Mapaseka, like Dintle, is a confident lady who knows what she wants and does not hesitate in going after it, although they may not share other things in common. Her passion and consistency has helped her achieve a lot, winning the love of South Africans. The fame she has enjoyed as an actress has also drawn attention to Mapaseka Koetle’s marriage with Nelson Nyokong as people are curious to know if things are any different in her home compared to her thriving acting career.

Mapaseka Koetle’s marriage with Nelson Nyokong is one of the celebrity marriages in South Africa which is closely guarded by the media. Also, Mapaseka is very private when it comes to her marriage. She never talks about her personal life, especially when it comes to her romantic relationships, and sometimes people even doubt that she is married.

However, the talented actress is happily married to the love of her life. Mapaseka Koetle’s marriage is blessed with a child. There is barely any available information about her husband, Nelson Nyokong, and she does not post his pictures on her Instagram page either. Nonetheless, she has revealed that they are a happy couple and there has been no sign of marital issues.


She has a good sense of humor which according to her, keeps her husband laughing whenever they are together. She also revealed that she is a family-oriented person, she always makes time to have fun with her family regardless of her busy schedule. She is also able to give the best to her family because her husband allows her to be herself at all times, and this brings out the best in her.

Due to her very reserved lifestyle, she has not revealed when and how she met her husband, or when they eventually got married. However, they welcomed their first baby in 2016. Also, apart from his name, there is no further information about her husband and what he does for a living. Clearly, she is more popular than him, but they work together to build a great home.

Unlike her husband, Pasi (as she is fondly called) does not hesitate to post pictures of her daughter and only child on her Instagram page. She gave birth to her in September 2016 and named her Nema, a name she revealed is a combination of the first two letters of her name and that of her husband. The entertainer has proven to be a great mother. She thought that she would be strict with her daughter like her mother was, but she turned out to be the opposite. 

At age seven, her parents got divorced and she had to deal with growing up without a father. Her mother did her best to look after her children, and she considers her mother her hero.

Being business-minded people, the actress and her husband thought about owning their brand, but the idea of a restaurant did not come to their minds, even though Nelson was previously involved in the restaurant business. It was not until their favorite brand, Gorge was selling a franchise, Gorge Grab n Go café, that they decided to buy it. 

After Mapaseka Koetle’s marriage to Nelson, the couple’s first encounter with Gorge was after Pasi gave birth and had to stay home alone. Her husband often called Gorge for her breakfast and lunch, and she eventually fell in love with the brand. The healthy food that the restaurant sold was a point of attraction for her, and she had dreamed of having something like that before she found out about the franchise. They became owners of the brand in 2018, and she celebrated their latest achievement on her Instagram page.

On managing the business, she admits that the restaurant business is quite demanding, and requires
a person’s presence all the time, but she cannot always be there because she has to be on set sometimes. Thankfully, her husband’s job allows him to work from anywhere, so he manages things at the restaurant.

The beautiful actress has climbed her way to the top of the success ladder in the entertainment industry, alongside other achievements which she has made for herself through focus and risk-taking. Starting off as a young child of a poor couple in Bloemfontein, Orange, Free state, it is apparent that the acting career chose her, and not the other way round. She was known as that pupil in school who always did well in Arts, Culture and Life Orientation subjects. Part of these subjects required acting, and while she did well to the admiration of other pupils, she also fell in love with the art in the process. At 13, the young girl started to daydream about being an actress. She attended AFDA: The School of the Creative Economy, but could not keep up with the fees, so she left and studied Acting for Camera at City Varsity and graduated with a Diploma in 2011. Fortunately, her acting skill soon caught the attention of some people, and she started to receiveinvitations to feature in small productions. However, survival in Bloemfontein was difficult, and she decided to move over to Johannesburg to live her dream. 

She played her first role in theatre, where she featured in the play “Show Off” as “Lesedi”. Later on, with Second Chances, a Mzanzi Magic film, she made her way into the entertainment industry. The movie was produced by Andile Ncube. Since then, she has featured in many other movies and TV shows, including the popular soap opera Scandal of which she has been a part for many years and counting. She has not taken on any other acting role since she joined Scandal production, because she loves the storyline, and enjoys her role. Her fame and strong personality have earned her the honor of being the face of popular brands like Vodacom, Joko, and ABSA.


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