Mzansi Stars You Didn’t Realize Have Twins

Some pairs of celebrity twins are wildly famous—like The Mbombo Twins, Major League and The Qwabe Twins.  In the case of those duos, both twins had similar ambitions, which is why they're each household names.

But what happens when only one twin wants the spotlight and the other just wants a normal life? Well, you get a pair of celebrity twins that aren’t as well-known. Whether it’s a lack of opportunity or interest, some twins don’t both become famous. There are plenty of actors and models who have fraternal or even identical twins, but people have no idea. That's where we come in. Below, check out some of the most surprising celebrity twins in South Africa.

1. Blue and Brown

Formerly known as the Duchess Blue to her adoring fans, the former reality star and media personality has managed to get quite far with her career in the past two years.

Born to multiracial parents, Thandi Azul Mbombo was destined for greatness, even her difficult birth didn’t stop this young lady from following her dreams. Blue's career started when she entered South Africa’s version of America’s next Top Model ‘Diamond in the Ruff’ which was a stepping stone into her modeling career. Her big break really came when she entered The Big Brother house in 2011 and started dating Rapper K2.

Blue and her twin Sister Thandiwe Brown Mbombo changed their names to what they are now because people had difficulties pronouncing their exotic names.

Blue's real name is actually Azul which means blue in Portuguese and her sister’s name is Acastanho which means brown in Portuguese.

The pair decided to keep their English translations because it was difficult having to teach people how to pronounce their names and having to explain what they mean all the time. Having lost her father not so long ago, Blue admits that it was one of the most difficult things she’s ever had to deal with. It took her back to her roots and made her appreciate her life a little more.

2.Major League

Born in Massachusetts, USA Banele and Bandile relocated to Sandton, Johannesburg before they were teenagers.

“Our dad was friends with Hugh Masekela and we played piano in Primary school. After finishing high school, we did not study, we started DJing and producing music,” Bandile added.

With their mother knowing how cruel the music industry can be, she tried to convince her boys to study something less musical but they had a dream.

Now they are the biggest DJ's in South Africa

3. Innocent and Millicent

4. Oros and Prince

5. Vuyokazi and Her Twin

6. Tsidi and her Twin

7. Sindi, twin & daughter

8. The Qwabe Twins


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