It’s official! Finally someone has done what has been on the back of all our minds… Something we knew we needed but weren’t quite sure how we were gonna get.

PdoggAmazing ( aka PDA), The hook king of the coast, powered by the ever growing Team Amazing aka A Team has found a way to gag and kidnap the Zulu Michael Jackson Okmalumkoolkat as well as Blxckie uSomnyama the Great put them in a studio and starve them of food, water and WiFi until they produce a hit and boy did these boys understand the assignment!

What’s come from this perfect crime is a banger that’ll be tattooed to ZA hip hop in the same way PdoggAmazing managed to  tattoo the hit “Unbelievable” to our hearts as a member of the DBN group PalmTreeParadise. 

A few years later and he’s doing it again like he never left. #FeeltheVibe is a smooth melody produced by the young Nova @Slowavex of Sundance music coupled with the underground gang summoning voice of Blxckie and a Okmalumkoolkat verse which is long overdue and almost feels too good to be true. The meat of this dish tho ( #Veganlivesmattertoo) is a succulent grain fed verse by PDA which will go a long way to remind the opps that Hip Hop ain’t dead.

What better way to wrap this work of art than with another work of art. The man handcuffed to a chair in this case is @MshenguSMB who’s decided to bow out of the song artwork design game by delivering what could possibly be the dopest most confusing but adequately arranged Song artwork we have seen. One look at this piece of art will have you wishing you had some 3D goggles on as it comes alive before your very eyes courtesy of the animation of the artwork created by Mr Smack himself @TeenoSA.

With that said, buckle up Mzansi! We have our collabo of the year and we have our man to thank for it all iDogg lama Dogg, Pdeezy, Mr Amazing himself…. So, get a tent and toiletries and camp next to a fibre hotspot coz Friday, 1 October 2021 the official artwork will be released and the road to #FeeltheVibewill have begun….. Let’s Go!


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