Primetime Adult Television Viewing Figures for August 2021. Uzalo, Gomora, The River, The Queen & More!

 These are the primetime adult television viewing figures for August 2021.


R = Repeat
O = Omnibus

Special notes

Idols hits a major low note

Viewership for Idols tanked this month, by a whopping 31.89%, almost a third of its audience.

It attracted 1,018,607 for its highest episode last month after its Season 17 premiere and this month it plunged to an unprecedented 693,760 viewers on Sunday 8 August.

This was the Sunday immediately after the Somizi/Mogale scandal and M-Net's announcement that Somizi won't be judging on the season.

He still appeared as a judge until 22 August but the ratings didn't recover after 8 August.

Deur Dik en Dun 3: in the Top 10 soapie list's 17h30 broadcast of the Afrikaans-dubbed Turkish novela Deur Dik en Dun has proven to be a competitive contender.

It's holding its own amongst local soapies, coming in at Number 9 in this latest Top 10 list:
Uzalo                                 7,648,487
Generations: The Legacy 6,384,390
Scandal!                                 5,873,723
Skeem Saam                         5,149,384
House of Zwide                4,370,112
Muvhango                         4,166,031
Imbewu                                 3,810,303
Durban Gen                         2,659,552
Deur Dik en Dun                 1,759,465
Gomora                                 1,307,306 

If you can't see the documents above, here's an overview of the Top 5 shows per channel/broadcaster:

Show                                         Viewers
Uzalo                                         7,648,487
Generations: The Legacy         6,384,390
Skeem Saam                                  5,149,384
Zulu News                                  4,109,013
Carling Black Label Cup Kaizer Chiefs Vs 3,781,923

Show                                      Viewers
Muvhango                               4,166,031
Presidential Address               3,380,795
Music                                       2,559,683
Live Lotto Draw                      1,818,715
7De Laan                              1,067,589

Show                                             Viewers
Costa Rica: Rise of Nature             733,963
News                                            692,103
Natural World Sudan                         564,934
Wild Orphans Rescue                    563,218
Seven Worlds One Planet            549,716
Show                         Viewers
Scandal                         5,873,723
House of Zwide         4,370,112
Imbewu                         3,810,303
Ican with Absa Drive 3,785,688
Durban Gen                 2,659,552

Show         Viewers
Gomora         1,307,306
Uyajola 9/9 1,170,277
The Queen 1,067,787
*DiepCity 839,832
The River 760,133
*The Queen is listed twice in the document so we've removed the second listing to be more representative.

Please note: these ratings don't include viewership from DStv Catch Up, YouTube, Viu or eVOD. They only reflect the viewership of people who watched on the day, at the time of broadcast.


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