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Generations: The Legacy has produced many stars and introduced several actors to the limelight over the years. Luyanda Mzazi is one of those people who found immense fame through the soap opera. Blessed with a blend of mind-blowing beauty and brains, the South African actress caught lots of attention with her incredible acting skills and bubbly personality. Popularly known as Lesedi, the character she played on Generations: The Legacy, Mzazi has garnered many fans on social media who follow her every move online.

So far, Luyanda Mzazi has established herself as one of the young actresses who could rule the industry in the coming years and become a TV great in every right. However, acting is not the only thing she does. A multi-talented woman, Luyanda is also a voice-over artist and presenter. She also works as an MC at events. Talk about a jack of all trades!

Luyanda Mzazi was born and raised in Johannesburg. The star actress was born on the 28th day of May 1995. However, she does not look her age as many people have compared her to someone in their late teenage years.

The actress is not an only child; she has siblings with whom she grew up in Johannesburg. However, Mzazi who is notoriously private has refused to reveal their identities. This notwithstanding, the actress once revealed that she has family members who are also in the arts. She also said her family has produced professionals. According to her, there is a doctor in her family as well as a lawyer and others. But their identities remain unknown to the general public.

Interestingly, Luyanda Mzazi’s father is an industry stakeholder. The actress revealed that her father is a big player in the movie and TV business. However, when she was asked to reveal his identity, she refused to state his name. So, all that fans know about her father is that he is an industry stakeholderbut they don’t really know exactly who he is.

In an interview she had with Massiv Metro in 2018, the actress explained why she does not want to reveal who her father is even though he is well known. According to her, if she reveals who he is, many people would feel she got her breakthrough through his connections. She explained that she worked very hard just like everyone else to get to where she is and she does not want anyone to feel her father easily paved the way for her without her earning the spot.

When she revealed to her parents that she wanted to become an actress, they were happy for her and gave her all their support. However, her father maintained that she must go to school and have a degree so that if acting doesn’t work out, she would have something to fall back on and move on with her life.

Today, Luyanda Mzazi is known for being on TV, however, what some people don’t know is that before being a TV actress, she actually began her acting on stage in the theatre. The actress attended the National School of the Arts, a historically and culturally rich high school that was born out of the amalgamation of The Johannesburg Art, Ballet, Drama and Music School, and Hoërskool Die Kruin.

At the National School of the Arts, students get the chance to hone their talents in art, dance, drama, and music. Luyanda, who had always had a love for acting, got the chance to become better at what she does while at school. The actress ran a five-year program at the institution and while at it, took part in several stage plays and theatre productions. She became very good at stage acting and was determined to become a TV and movie star after graduating.

 It is noteworthy that Luyanda Mzazi also studied Human Resources at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

After Luyanda Mzazi graduated from the National School of the Arts, she decided to push her way into TV acting. According to her, she woke up one morning and decided to start looking for casting agents. She searched online and found some information on an agency and then sent an email. She soon got a reply asking her to come for an audition. An excited Mzazi went for the audition and they loved her

Soon after, about a week or two later, the actress got an email that Generations: The Legacy was having auditions and that she should come over. Mzazi was really excited but she was also tense because she knew this was the real deal. Generations: The Legacy was a huge series and she knew she had never been on TV before so she was scared. When she eventually got to the venue of the audition, and auditioned but, according to her, she flunked it and went home thinking she had failed to land the role.

However, soon after the audition, she got a call back that she was in the show. Luyanda Mzazi was beyond thrilled. She knew that a role on Generations: The Legacy would completely change her life and she was right.

Luyanda Mzazi was cast to play the role of Lesedi, a troubled teenage girl who grew up in an orphanage but was eventually adopted by the Diales. Lesedi made several mistakes in her life even though she had a proper family and attended the best school. She also became a teenage mom. But, she finally learned from her mistakes and began working on being a successful young woman.

Mzazi’s acting on Generations: The Legacy was so impeccable and relatable that she became the toast of fans of the show. Her character portrayal of ‘Lesedi’ put her name on many people’s lips and made her very famous. Mzazi says she often gets stopped on the road by random people who recognize her from the show. She has often talked about how humbling it has been to be a cast member on Generations: The Legacy, explaining that it had been really overwhelming for her be to be part of the biggest show in the country considering that it was her very first TV job.

Luyanda Mzazi is actually a proud mother. In March 2019, reports emerged that she was pregnant with her first child. She took a maternity leave from shooting on Generations: The Legacy to have her baby. For some time, nothing more was heard about the actress’ pregnancy. Finally, in September 2019, another report emerged that she had given birth and had returned shooting her scenes on the show.

However, as the case has been with her, the actress is very private and likes to keep her family life off social media so she has refused to reveal the identity of the child preferring to keep the baby offline.

This year, news emerged that the actress was pregnant again with her second child. The story went viral online but the actress, as usual, failed to talk about it. Her penchant for keeping her private life out of the public eye is now well-known.

It is clear that there is a man Luyanda Mzazi’s life considering her pregnancy. However, the identity of that man is unknown at the moment. The actress has decided to keep him off the prying eyes of people who want to know him by all means. At the moment, the identity of her baby’s father remains vague.


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