10 Fascinating facts you didn't know about Zoe Mthiyane’s Career and Love Life

Full Name: Zoe Mthiyane

Date Of Birth: 9th November 1983

Age: 37 years old

Children: Two (Awande Marawa and Lulonke)

Occupation: Actress, Model, Singer

Endowed with beauty and intelligence, South African native Zoe Mthiyane has made a name for herself as an actress, singer, and model. She has penetrated the hearts of fans through her many endeavors, notably ranking on their best actress list for her outstanding skills. Zoe began her career in the entertainment industry as a model. Being a woman endowed with many talents, she soon switched to acting and has taken the profession by storm. The soap opera star has been cast in several movies and has been active for over a decade. The 37 year-old actress’s beauty, outstanding performance on-screen, and zeal for the arts, have made her a perfect figure.

1. She Is A Native Of Mabhuyeni

Zoe Mthiyane is a native of Mabhuyeni where she was born and raised. Mabhuyeni is a suburb of Empangeni located in the region of uThungulu in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. As a native of Mabhuyeni, she revealed that her house was the only one that could boast of electricity as she grew up.

2. Zoe Mthiyane Came From A Polygamous Home

Growing as a child for Zoe was not easy as she was born into a low-income polygamous family. Her father married five wives and her mother was the youngest of them all. It was a two-edged sword for Zoe Mthiyane as she never wished for it but it trained her on relationships with people. Her mother had a total of six children; four boys and two girls of which Zoe is one.

3. She Attended Boarding Schools
Despite coming from a low-income polygamous home, Zoe still went on to acquire knowledge. She went to Little Flower Primary School at the early age of five where she got her primary education as a boarding pupil. Having the zeal for education, she moved on to Ixopo High School, originally called Staurtstown, a boarding school in Kwazulu-Natal where she acquired her secondary education.

4. Zoe Rose To Fame After She Was Cast In
Zoe is no doubt an illustrious woman and born-celebrity figure. She made her debut in the acting industry and has been recognized by many television fans in South Africa for her exceptional performance in the South African television series, Generations The Legacy. The soap opera star was cast in the show as Zitha which rocketed her to fame and popularity as well as gained her respect and love amongst her fans and colleagues.

The actress is good at what she does and has featured in many other television roles. She featured as a vocalist in the 2016 movie, The Legend of Tarzan which was a box-office hit. In 2017, she inked another acting role in the movie titled She is King where she played the role of Katherine. Her works were speaking volumes as she continued her acting in the movie Generations The Legacy.

5. The Soapie Star Is Multi-talented
Having a beauty pageant-winning mother who encouraged her to take up modeling, Zoe took up the profession. She first started in the entertainment industry as a model, making a name for herself in the sector. Being exceptionally beautiful and having a modeling figure, she was the former face of ponds.

Zoe being a multitalented woman is not just known for her acting skills but also her melodious
voice. She has featured in movies as a singer. In 2007, she sang in the Lion King Theoretical
Production featuring Lebo M and Hans Zimmer where she featured as Sarabi. Her high pitchoutstanding voice can’t be gotten enough of as she was the opening vocalist in The Legend Of Tarzan.

6. Zoe Has Been In Three Notable Relationships
Three different men have been linked to Zoe Mthiyane. The actress was first revealed to be in a relationship with Robert Marawa before things turned sour. She later moved on to Lebo Morake before entering into a relationship with Rapulana Seiphemo, a fellow cast member on Generations The Legacy. Zoe’s relationship with Rapulana was well talked about in the tabloids and on social media but she paid deaf ears to everything.

7. The Actress Is A Doting Mother Of Two
Zoe Mthiyane is not just an entertainer but also a doting mother of a boy and a girl. She had a son
named Awande Marawa with her ex-boyfriend Robert Marawa. The boy was born on the 18th of July 2011 at The Bay Hospital located at KwaZulu-Natal. After things turned sour between Zoe and Robert, a legal fight turned out between them when Robert tagged himself a responsible father. The title didn’t go down well with Zoe who called him a dead beat dad.

The actress later had her second child, a daughter named Lulonke with her next lover Lebo Morake on 24th July 2015. She has however been playing her motherly role with much love and care as she did not allow her frustrations to get the best part of her towards her children’s happiness.

8. She Fell Into Depression Because She Was Cheated On
Zoe is an attractive lady which makes every guy want to date her. Rapulana Seiphemo started dating Zoe after her last relationship with Lebo. The relationship started experiencing hurdles when Rapulana was reportedly dating a co-worker on set who works in the admin department. This led to the termination of Zoe’s appointment which she tagged bullying by the faceless girlfriend and friends. She, however, revealed that the breakup and termination of the appointment led her to depression. Its no doubt that she is a strong woman as she has already moved on.

9. Zoe Mthiyane Suffered Low Self-Esteem As A Child
Life as a child was not a bed of roses for the soapie star as she was rejected by her peers because of her height; she was treated like an unwanted ugly girl. This, however, affected her self-esteem, causing her to hate being tall. Having a confident mother who won a beauty pageant in 1973, she was greatly encouraged by her. She made her see how special her height is by making her walk on heels and enrolling her in a beauty pageant to regain her self-esteem.

10. The Actress Reportedly Has An Alcohol Problem
It is alleged that Zoe Mthiyane has an alcohol disorder which she blames her ex-boyfriend Robert for influencing her. This has impacted her career and relationships negatively.


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