A Timeline of Kgomotso & Calvin's LOVE!

 Kgomotso Christopher belongs to the crop of South African actresses who are over 40 and killing it on the screen. She broke out on TV in the project 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls in 2010 and went on to find immense popularity in 2011 when she joined the popular South African soap opera, Isidingo.

The actress is also a top-notch voice-over artist who has done so many projects for notable brands in the country. In 2018, she revealed through her Instagram post that she is actually the voice behind MTN’s interactive voice response system. Besides screen acting, Kgomotso has years of experience in theatrical acting and media production. She is also a presenter of good reputation but her family life is also quite interesting.

Kgomotso was quite young when she said “I Do” to Calvin Christopher. The couple crossed paths for the first time at the University of Cape Town when the actress was a fresher and her sweetheart was an exchange student from Princeton University. After finding each other attractive and suitable for friendship, they began dating. They kept seeing each other for some time until they eventually tied the knot. Mrs. Christopher was 25 years old when they got married.

The actress and her husband have continued to live happily ever since they got married. They have learned to perfectly manage their relationship even from a long distance. However, like every other marriage, they have had their own fair share of downsides too. The actress is not the type to put her marriage out for the public or media to scrutinize, so there hasn’t been any report of a scandal or drama between them.

The two have, instead, continued to prove to the world that nothing can come between them. For instance, sometime in December 2020, Kgomotso was linked to a man that is not her husband in a list of Mzansi’s most successful marriages that surfaced on Facebook. The actress revealed that she got to know about it after her husband showed her a screenshot of the list. The couple in their usual manner of not letting anything come between them downplayed the list and Kgomotso took to  Twitter, to make a joke about it. She advised her fans to be “careful out there” as people could marry them off to someone without them not even knowing about it.

Kgomotso has been a wife for over fifteen years and counting. The actress and her husband became legally married in the year 2004 and since then, they have remained inseparable. Despite her demanding career, the actress has managed to keep her home together and away from unnecessary attention and drama.

The Legacy star is indeed a loving wife and mother to her husband and children. Unlike most of her
colleagues in the entertainment industry, Kgomotso knows how to perfectly balance work life and family life; when she is not busy taking care of her kids at home, she is busy somewhere trying to make the most of her flourishing career. When she is not at home or out for some time, she often makes it up to her family when she returns.

Kgomotso and her husband are both supportive of each other, which is one of the reasons they easily overcome loads of life’s challenges that often come with marriage and long-distance relationships. She once mentioned in an interview that it was her husband who helped her rehearse her first lead role, where she had to engage in pole dancing lessons. The actress is also her husband’s biggest supporter and best friend.

Kgomotso Christopher is happily married to her university sweetheart, Calvin Christopher. He is an American by nationality and an amazing father to their children. Calvin has a Law degree, just like his wife:)

It is no news that Calvin and Kgomotso have been in a long-distance relationship for many years. While she resides in South Africa, the nature of her husband’s job takes him from one part of the world to another. Some sources have it that he lives in Dubai. One amazing thing about their relationship is the fact that they have a lot of respect for each other and seem to have everything under control. The Christophers often create time for family vacations and to celebrate their wedding anniversaries.

Both the award-winning actress and her husband are successful in their own rights, however, Kgomotso is more popular than her husband due to the nature of her job and the fact that she has worked with a lot of people in the entertainment industry for many years.

Kgomotso and her husband are blessed with two children named Larona Lehakwe Christopher (daughter) and Lesika Leatile Christopher (son). According to her, her daughter’s first name ‘Larona’ means ‘Our Jewel’ her second name is derived from the Sesotho word Lehakwe, a Jewel. She also added that Jewel is a Christopher family name and that her daughter was named after both her husband’s grandmother and sister.

Her son’s full name Lesika Leatile means our family has grown and been strengthened while his second
name is Langston. Langston is also a Christopher family name, according to her. His son was named after her husband’s paternal uncle and the legendary American poet and philosopher Langston Hughes.
Larona was born in 2008 while Lesika was born in 2009.

Her daughter has one professional acting credit – she played the younger version of her mother’s character (Yvonne) in the popular soap opera, Scandal. Since then, she has not been seen in any other movie, neither does it appear she is into acting.


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