They say that every girl has to have a minimum of two power suits in her closet; that it is, after all, a wardrobe staple! In truth, this is probably not the first time you would hear the term “power suit,” which has been used countless times as a reference to the androgynous pantsuit for women.

However, there is a slew of pantsuit styles that would make you revisit that term and also, revitalise your fashion treasure chest.

The resurgence of the pantsuits in the trend stream has seen many influencers styling the wardrobe staple in the funkiest and glamorous ways. For most of history, women kept the pantsuit in simple tailoring, but now the style has received a welcomed upgrade, becoming a must-have for fashion lovers all over the world.

There are several reasons why women’s pantsuit is having a moment right now. Granted, it has been a wardrobe essential for years, but the way pants suits are tailored these days, makes you realise that it’s not just the silhouette that has changed; its traditional dark colours have faced opposition by more modern hues. Even office friendly hues have been upstaged by more sugary tones – think pastel pink, lavender and a whole lot of lighter hues. In addition, pantsuits can now be spotted in stronger representations like animal prints and sequin fabric.

Below is a stunning collection of women’s pantsuit styled by Norma Mngoma in rather interesting and fresh ways…


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