UpClose and Personal with Shaun Stylist

In the fashion world, there are immensely gifted people who happen to set the trends that others scramble to keep up with. 

Having an eye for the most eye-popping color combinations or possessing the foresight to predict the next fashion fads are what people like Shaun Stylist do. The South African fashion icon has impressed South Africa as a whole, with his highly eccentric but purely masculine style of dressing.

Not only that, he has extended his impeccable dressing talents to famous footballers like George Lebese, Mpho Makola, and Lethogonolo Majoro, down to public personalities like South African socialite, MaMkhize. Remarkably, Shaun Naki, who hails from Ekurhuleni, has managed to come all the way and now finds company with the crème de la crème of South African society by virtue of his skillful ability to put a stunning outfit together.

The story of Shaun Stylist’s life is quite extraordinarily threadbare. He decided to take up the moniker ‘stylist’ when he realized he had a great fashion-savvy image, one that he wanted to project to the rest of the world. His real name however is Shaun Andile Naki. All we know about Shaun’s date of birth is that he was born on the 21st of January. 

Shaun Andile Naki comes from a small town called Ekurhuleni. So far, there has been little verified information about his biological parents, but there seem to be indications that he is close to the family of South African millionaire businesswoman, MaMkhize. Reports suggest that heis her adopted son and truly, he has been seen several times in some of their family pictures and is known to be good friends with MaMkhize’s son, Andile Mpisane.

When Shaun was still a teenager, he discovered that he had a knack for putting outfits together in a coherent manner that only real fashion gurus knew how. His talents got him a lot of attention from friends and strangers alike and he soon realized he could build something out of it. This was the birth of ‘Shaun Stylist’, a name that he felt described his more vibrant, stylish alter-ego.

When talking about careers in fashion, a lot of people are unknowingly myopic about the many different options one could follow in that world. Shaun Stylist is a prime example that one can monetize various aspects of a career and still excel in all. From working as an eight-to-fiver at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust to forging multiple careers in the South African fashion world, Shaun Stylist has been a success story in all the different career paths he has chosen to follow.

He has worked as a personal shopper for middle to high-class clients, an image consultant, a fashion model, and a celebrity makeover artist. He has also forged a brilliant career as one of South Africa’s topmost male influencers, even without being a musician or an actor. His Instagram is a hub of trendy clothes and fashion tips. 

An image consultant is a professional that helps a client to improve their professional or personal images through their outward appearances, behaviors, and communication styles. Shaun happens to be a very astute businessman who has been able to convince the South African elites of his ability to help them rebrand themselves better – through his strategic Instagram influence.

He also achieved this through his Fashion Legacy seminars where he teaches folks about the different ways to showcase themselves as fashion personalities. Some of the famous people he has worked for are Shawn Mkhize, Andile Mpisane, and George Lebese.

Shaun also provides personal shopping services for those who can afford to hire him. As a personal shopper, he assists his clients with advice on what to purchase, especially when it comes to clothing and accessories. He provides his services both in-person and online. His work as a personal shopper is closely tied to his image consulting career and he takes his career very seriously.

Shaun Stylist has definitely become a household name when it comes to looking dapper and dandy. He has also decided to cash out by modeling for some of the most popularly known brands like Gucci, Xoli Designs (an indigenous South African fashion line) and Antoni Morato.

There is no doubt that Shaun is quite comfortable, however, his affiliation with the Mkhize family might be a reason why he seems extremely wealthy, almost to the point of ridiculous ostentatiousness. Overall, Shaun likes to look good and he definitely spares no expense to appear like the fashion guru that he is. 

The love life of the celebrity stylist has been the subject of curiosity, especially because it seems strange for such an eligible Mzansi bachelor to remain notoriously single. What you might not have known is that the fashionista was once in a romantic relationship with South African businesswoman, Lebohang Mabe. The pair had no inhibitions about appearing together in public and till today, there are tons of pictures of them in various loved-up positions, usually wearing matching outfits. However, their once beautiful relationship ended in a web of controversies as it was alleged that Lebohang dumped her stylist boyfriend for a richer man. 

The new guy, a millionaire businessman named Nico Matlala was later believed to be behind a Facebook account that seemed to mock Shaun Stylist for being too ‘broke’ to take care of Lebohang. Shaun has not responded to any of these rumors and appears to have settled quite nicely into the single life. . When asked what he thought about his personal style, he described himself as ‘eccentric but masculine’. He has been seen donning on bespoke suits of different styles and colors, Versace loafers, Ankara pants, Gucci sunglasses, Richard Mille wristwatches, and trendy belts.

Everything about this young man exudes rich taste and class and this impeccable taste is what has sent him straight into the spotlight. Now he models for all the top fashion brands in the country even without taking up a modeling career. Having an excellent physique and good looks has only served to market his brand more. Some of his sponsors include Jonathan D, Simoni Exclusive, DeJavu, and the energy drink brand, MoFaya to mention but a few.

One impressive thing about Shaun is that he doesn’t just style himself, he styles others too – both men and women – by giving them complete makeovers. With clients from different sectors of the country coming to him for fashion advice, you would agree that a man like Shaun is worth learning from.

Even though the fashion world is Shaun’s home, he still manages to thrive outside of it. Believe it or not, Shaun has a regular job as an Office Manager at the Nelson Mandela Children Hospital Trust. Outside the fashion world, he is also a reality television personality.


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