Khanyi Mbau on playing Zandile on the new season of The Wife

Speaking to a local Mag, Khanyi Mbau -  who will be playing the lead role, Zandile the Resolute - says viewers will get a glimpse of the love story between Zandile and Nkosana. She will be trying to reclaim her position within the family of the Zulu brothers after being in prison for 10 years.

“Zandile and Nkosana share a unique love story, they were high school sweethearts. They have known each other since Zandile was a 7-year-old and grew up together in Embuba. She goes to prison for a crime she committed and now it is her coming out of prison after 10 years, to try claim her position within the family.”

It won't be easy, she says. Khanyi shares that she was scared at first when she joined the cast of The Wife, because it is already established.

“It was a very daunting experience for me to get the opportunity to play Zandile, specially to come into a family that is already established and but shout out to the directors the cast and the crew for making it such an easy transition for me. It is like getting into a new school and the class do not know each other and I need to catch up to their frequency, it was not easy but you guys made it very easy.”

She revealed during the question-and-answer session of the launch that playing Zandile was frustrating because naturally Khanyi is a Mandisa in real life.

“I am very bright and out there, while Zandile is just? Nobody understands what Zandile is. We do not know if she is cold, who she loves. We do not know what her story and mission is. So, she just frustrates me, and I always suppress Khanyi and everything, especially when I shoot with Zikhona, I have to do it even more because she is me which makes it easier for Khanyi to want to jump out,” she says.

“So, when I shoot with a Mandisa character, I need to always suppress myself because when we run lines, I get to be me with her but onset I need to always sit on me to deliver Zandile the Resolute and the spirit of her. 


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