Skeem Saam Mokgadi Actress Pebetsi Matlaila Reveals “Unexpected Abuse” She Suffered In Marriage

Pebetsi Nolo Matlaila revealed that she suffered unexpected abuse in her marriage, which collapsed last year. The actress, said she is now allergic to men following the abuse she suffered in her marriage.

Pebetsi got married in late 2020 . Unfortunately, for Pebetsi, the good days did not last forever as expected, and she ended her marriage to her TV producer husband. Speaking to the another publication, Pebetsi revealed that she had suffered unexpected abuse during the relationship. However, she insisted that she did not want to badmouth her former husband.

“I don’t want to badmouth him or reveal too much of what happened, but yes, I suffered unexpected abuse from my ex-partner. We are both currently going through a process of healing, and we are no longer living together. I have been attending therapy, and my journey of healing has been going well so far,” she said.

The interview came after the actress had posted that she is currently allergic to men on her social media. However, Pebetsi has not given up on men and is still willing to give marriage a try when she has healed. She is still hopeful that she will get luckier in her next relationship.

“Yes… I could be open to the idea of getting married again… but first, we heal.”

“Who knows, maybe the 2nd time around, I will experience, what they call happily ever after. For now… I am allergic to any Indoda (men).”


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