20 Qualities of a Good Husband That Tell He’s Marriage Material

Are you looking for the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Some might say  that when you find the right person, you’ll know. It’s like a lightbulb going off in your head! But sometimes, what your head and heart want in the perfect partner are completely different things.

Having standards is essential for meeting the love of your life. That’s why we’ll be discussing the top qualities of a good husband.

Do you keep ending up with men who can’t commit?

Guys who treat you poorly?

Someone who makes you feel bad about yourself?

The trick to avoiding these toxic relationships is to find the perfect relationship is to stop settling and start looking for a man who is husband material. You want someone you can see yourself with for the rest of your life.

But what makes up good qualities in a man? Keep reading to find out the essential qualities of a good husband.

What makes a good husband?

When you make a list of what makes a good husband, you’ll find that you want him to have the same qualities as your best friend:

  • Unwavering love
  • Shared interests
  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • The ability to have fun together

These are all great foundations for a satisfying relationship, but there are extra qualities of a good husband to look for if you’re trying to find the man of your dreams.

The following are listed a few essential qualities of a good husband. Knowing these qualities can help you decipher if you have found the man of your dreams.

Of course, your man can be a lot more than the qualities listed here. Nonetheless, these are some of the commonly observed characteristics of a good man. So, read along to know what makes a good husband.

1. Great communication

Communication is the foundation of any great relationship.

A partner who communicates knows how to express their feelings, desires, and needs without getting angry or upset.

Communication also helps decrease your stress levels, increase your emotional intimacy, deepen your relationship, and make you feel heard and understood by your partner.

Great communication is one of the best qualities of a man.

2. He views you as his partner

When you get married, you become so much more than romantic partners – you are partners for life.

The qualities of a good husband are clear when you see that he views you as his partner and his equal. He wants you to take part in decision-making, values your input on his goals, and shares his life with you.

3. A desire to be with you

One sign that your boyfriend is marriage material is if he’s already made it clear that he wants you and only you.

Quality men don’t play games with your heart. Your boyfriend will show you he’s ready for real love if you are the only woman he’s entertaining romantically.

4. He is trustworthy

Trust is one of the top good qualities in a man.

Research shows that a trustworthy partner will make you feel more fulfilled in your relationship.

Trusting your man means you know you can share anything with him without being judged. Trust also helps you increase vulnerability and love.

A relationship where you feel safe, calm, and able to be vulnerable with your spouse will grow into a strong marriage.

5. Talking about the future

One of the top qualities of a man that will show you he’s husband material is if he talks about your future together. This will show that he’s thinking long-term and is just as excited for commitment as you are.

If your boyfriend talks about starting a family, moving in together, and getting married, you know that he already possesses the traits to look for in a husband.

6. He makes you laugh

Attractive Romantic Couple Women In Monkey Cap Cover Her Eyes And Laughing With The Partner

A man who knows how to make you laugh is what a husband should be.

There are many benefits to having humor in your relationship.

Making each other laugh can de-escalate potential arguments, lower stress, and contributes to feelings of support and satisfaction in relationships.

Couples who know how to laugh together are more likely to stay happy and in love.

Research found that sharing humor yields a higher probability of relationship success and allows couples to exchange positive emotions together.

7. You share core values

Opposites attract, but that doesn’t mean your relationship is destined to be healthy.

One of the greatest qualities of a good husband is shared values. Look for someone who is passionate about the same things you are, especially when it comes to your moral compass.

Research shows that couples who share faith are more likely to view their relationship as special.

Similarly, couples who workout together are more likely to stay motivated. Research regarding working out alone VS working out with your lover revealed that only 76% of single participants completed the program compared to 95% of couples. What’s more, all 95% of couples maintained their weight loss compared to the 66% of single participants.

8. He makes your relationship a priority

Have you ever been with a man who would rather spend a Friday night drinking with his buddies than spend some romantic time with you? No doubt this made you feel unappreciated.

A real man is someone who makes your relationship a priority, no matter what.

When there is a problem, a good husband will address it immediately instead of putting the conversation off.

When your man has free time, he chooses to spend it with you. When there are decisions to be made, he consults you respectfully.

All these are indeed qualities of a good husband!

9. Knowing how to resolve conflict

If you’re a man reading this article looking for tips on how to be a better husband to your wife, you can start by learning healthy conflict resolution skills.

Healthy conflict resolution means that instead of attacking each other during an argument, you attack the problem as a team.

Listening is just as important as communication when it comes to problem-solving, so know when to speak and when to hear your partner out.

Do not use an argument as an excuse to get mean or throw a past misdeed in your spouse’s face. Instead, Practice getting in touch with your feelings and talk about what is bothering you.

10. He teaches you new things

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Personal growth is high on the list of qualities of a good husband.

A husband who can teach you new things will contribute to your happiness.

SAGE Journal randomly assigned married couples to engage in different activities together for 1.5 hours a week over ten weeks.

The actions assigned were put into two categories- Exciting or Pleasant.

Results of the research found that couples who participated in the exciting activities showed higher levels of marital satisfaction than those ‘pleasant’ activities.

11. A good husband respects his wife

One of the most important qualities to look for in a man is respect.

When a man respects you, it means that he will support your goals and dreams.

Respect means that a man will never cross boundaries or try and make you do something that you feel uncomfortable with.

A loving, respectful partner won’t call you names or say things to hurt your feelings purposely. He will be considerate of your feelings not only when speaking to you but also when making decisions.

12. He is loyal
Loyalty is essential to a happy relationship.

When loyalty is lacking, you will feel uneasy when you aren’t around your partner. You will constantly wonder what they’re up to and who they’re hanging out with.

On the other hand, loyalty is at the top of the list of qualities of a good husband.

A loyal partner will make you feel safe and secure as well as emotionally and physically taken care of.

13. Emotional maturity
One of the sweetest qualities of a good husband is finding someone who knows how to be silly and make you laugh while still possessing emotional maturity.

What is emotional maturity? It’s a man who:

  • Can manage his emotions no matter what is happening.
  • Knows how to keep his cool even when in a tough situation.
  • Acknowledges when he is wrong and apologizes
  • Takes steps toward understanding you better when you are upset

14. He knows how to forgive
This is not just one of the qualities of a good husband. This is a virtue to be nurtured by every human being.

Even the happiest couples aren’t going to get along every minute of every day. When frustrations get the best of you, the duties of a good husband will move him to forgive you.

Not only will this make your relationship run smoothly, but the Journal of Health Psychology found that higher levels of forgiveness contributed toward better mental health in relationships.

15. He shows compassion
Compassion moves your partner to understand you. He is able to put himself in your shoes and understand how you feel.

One of the best qualities of a good husband is a compassionate man who will empathize with your feelings and make you feel loved.

16. He maintains self-control
Envision a diabetic who has no self-control over the harmful foods they are eating? This would be a disaster for their health.

Similarly, imagine if your partner was self-serving in every possible way? Talk about a night-marriage!

Self -control is essential for a healthy relationship with your spouse.

When your husband practices regular self-control, it means that he will:

  • Consider you before making decisions
  • Be a more giving lover
  • Avoid harmful pornography habits
  • Avoid flirting or being inappropriate with other women
  • Remain loyal
17. You are his best friend

One of the sweetest qualities of a good husband is when he calls you his best friend.

When you are with your best friend, you feel a sense of belonging. A best friend will have fun with you, share secrets, support you, and encourage self-love.

Not only does being best friends with your partner carry great emotional benefits, but there are also health benefits too.

Research published by The Journal of Happiness found that couples who were best friends experienced higher levels of life satisfaction than other couples.

18. He has patience

Patience is a key quality to being a good husband.

The longer you’re together, the more likely you are to do something that might drive your partner bonkers.

A husband who has patience will give his wife grace and let go of the little things, choosing to be happy rather than choosing to nitpick.

Patience will carry couples through difficult times or lulls in the excitement of a marriage.

19. Your friends love him

Have you ever had a friend tell you he or she got a bad vibe from your crush?

Sometimes your friends can see your relationship clearer than you can. They aren’t blinded by love producing oxytocin like you are.

A good man will be himself when he’s around your friend. He won’t put on a show for them.

If your spouse gets along well with your closest friends and families and your loved ones are giving you two thumbs up, odds are you have found the one.

20. He shows appreciation

Appreciation and gratitude may not seem like essential qualities of a good husband, but going years without someone acknowledging your love and support can be draining. You may feel like you’re living a thankless life.

As a wife, you pick up after your house and husband while potentially caring for children or working a full-time job. This can be exhausting.

The Journal of Psychological Assessment states that partners who express gratitude for each other were more likely to experience:
  • Greater relationship satisfaction
  • Pursuit of self-expansion
  • Enhanced partner intimacy
  • Greater support felt from your spouse
These are all excellent reasons to look for husband qualities revolving around expressions of appreciation and gratitude.

What makes a good husband?

What qualities make a good husband, and do the traits of a perfect man exist?

Not exactly, but the qualities of a good husband do. The traits of a good husband include loyalty, communication, respect, and of course – love!

Your spouse doesn’t have to have all of the good qualities in a man listed above to be a wonderful, loving partner to you. Growth is an important part of love.

So long as your spouse is committed to growth and communication, you will have a wonderful marriage ahead of you.


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