Giyani: Land of Blood 2 Teasers - May 2022

Coming up on Giyani: Land of Blood this May 2022:

Monday 2 May 2022

Episode 79

Manoko tries to put out the fire Vukosi just lit, meanwhile the Baloyi's have another scare.

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Episode 80

Vukosi airs some dirty laundry and Mahlori’s actions have irreversible consequences for the Baloyi family.

Wednesday 4 May 2022

Episode 81

Manoko is convinced they are done with Vukosi but he has his own devious plans. Khensani and Musa go all out to save Mahlori.


Monday 9 May 2022

Episode 82

Mahlori hatches another hair brained plot to keep his promise to Kokwani. Vukosi has another surprise for Manoko.

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Episode 83

Mahlori’s first day doesn’t go as planned and Richard is concerned about Manoko’s strange behaviour.

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Episode 84

Help arrives for Manoko but her missing doesn’t get easier. Musa and Khensani experience the consequences of choosing love over their families.


Monday 16 May 2022

Episode 85

Mahlori tries to pull out all the stops to impress his new boss while Khensani struggles with her new reality.

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Episode 86

Mike and Mhani Tsakani want to make their presence felt and Mahlori has to back up his big claims and it’s not clear if he will succeed.

Wednesday 18 May 2022

Episode 87

Manoko comes across unpredicted obstacles in her attempt to recover what was stolen from her. The tension in the Baloyi household mounts.


Monday 23 May 2022

Episode 88

Khensani wonders if she shouldn’t give up on her plans with Musa and Mahlori might just be smarter than everyone gives him credit for.

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Episode 89

Mahlori causes tension at the lodge. Khensani gains Mike’s trust and respect but is she accidentally stepping on Mhani Tsakani’s toes?

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Episode 90

Tension between Khensani and Mhani Tsakani grows. Elias and Mahlori lock horns.



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