Kim K Cries on ‘The Kardashians’ After Kanye Delivers Hard Drive With Alleged Sex Tape Footage

 Even amid their divorce last year, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were still looking out for one another. 

A new episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, as seen in footage on TMZ, features the moment where Ye hand delivers a hard drive containing alleged additional footage from Kim’s sex tape with Ray J. While Kardashian sources have previously denied anything was on the tape, as does Kim in the episode, she still seems grateful about Ye’s delivery, speaking through tears.

In the scene from the series’ third episode, West is spotted chopping it up with Kris Jenner before Saturday Night Live and explains he arrived with something for his estranged wife, as he gives Kim a suitcase. Kardashian presents her team with the suitcase—which Ye flew to Los Angeles to retrieve—and pulls out a computer and hard drive, telling them that Yeezy got “the sex tape back.”

“I know Kanye did this for me but he also did this for my kids,” the SKIMS co-founder says. “I want to shield them from as much as I can. And if I have the power to, or if Kanye has the power to, that is just the most important thing to me and I’m just so emotional because of it. And it means a lot to me.”

Kris takes a moment to thank Kanye for his actions, and even offers him a “big, fat, huge check,” which he denies. There’s been plenty of publicity surrounding the laptop retrieval in recent months, including Wack 100’s claim in March that it was sitting somewhere “in a safe.”

“You also knew how much it meant to her, and how hard she’s been trying to do that for years and years,” Kris tells Ye in the episode, before Kim explained the tapes were “just footage” of her and Ray J at a restaurant and nightclub, and that it contained “nothing sexual” and “nothing weird.” 

“How good is God that this happened right here at this time?” West asks Kris, before the entire team, including Yeezus, embraces in a prayer before SNL. 


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