Lawyer tells expert cop that scene of Meyiwa murder had been tampered with

Advocate Malesela Daniel Teffo, representing four of the five men accused of murder, put it to the State’s first witness, SAPS forensic expert Sergeant Thabo Johannes Mosia, that the crime scene was contaminated.

“I want to put it to you Mr Mosia, that the scene, when you arrived there – it had been tampered with already… When you arrived there, things had already happened. What is your response?” Teffo asked Mosia.

The police officer stuck to his guns, arguing that the scene was not tampered with. “I disagree with you,” said Mosia.

Mosia told the court on Thursday that it was not his duty to secure the crime scene, but he observed that the crime scene had been secured.

“When I got to the crime scene, it was already cordoned off as you can see in my photo album,” he said.

Last week, Mosia told the court that there was evidence showing there had been scuffling in the house where Meyiwa was killed.

On the second day of his testimony, Mosia was was asked by Teffo about the condition of the crime scene.

Teffo asked Mosia: “According to you, when you arrived there, did the scene resemble a scene where there had been a struggle? Was it not a clean (scene)? You cannot be told that people were fighting and somebody got shot, but the place does not resemble that.”

Mosia said the scene showed there had been a fight in the house.

“On the floor one can be able to see points that I have marked. It is unusual to find a hat in the kitchen, and a walking stick. That is totally unusual,” said the policing veteran who was the first member of the specialised forensics unit to arrive at the scene – around four hours after Meyiwa had been shot.


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