$1M in a minute: Wild video shows lightning-quick armed robbery of NJ jewelry store

Shocking video shows a pack of gunmen swarming a New Jersey jewelry store — and allegedly making off with more than $1 million in items in roughly 60 seconds.

About eight masked robbers dressed in hoodies and dark clothing are seen storming into Virani Jewelers in Iselin in Middlesex County during the wild smash-and-grab, with one of them hopping a display case as the others yell for the employees to drop to the floor.

One of the suspects points a gun at an employee sitting near the entrance and appears to clobber him before the man gets on the ground, the video shows. The other criminals get to work using a hammer to shatter the display cases and fill up bags full of merchandise as a woman lies on the ground motionless, according to the footage.

One of the robbers takes full trays of items and strolls casually out of the store, passing a cohort who is keeping guard at the door. The other suspects follow shortly after in a sprint, with the whole thing over in about a minute.

The robbery happened around 7:45 p.m. Friday, minutes before closing, with the owner of a neighboring store estimating the value of the items taken at more than $1 million, according to ABC 7 New York.

“How comfortable and confident they were,” local Misbah Chaudhry told the station of the robbers.

“They came in like they owned the store, they’re like, ‘All right, everybody down,’ breaking stuff, filling up their bags, walking away like they had no worries in the world.”


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