Bring The Heat! 6 Of The Coolest Sunglasses To Own Right Now

As Summer gradually approaches and we all prepare to embrace the heat in style, one sure way is to amp your slay-effect with uber-cool sunglasses. This wardrobe essential not only serves as an anti-sun shield but can also elevate your look, no matter how basic. Think of them as an instant slay-definer that adds an edge to your ensemble. As a result, they not only work for the sunny weather but the cooler seasons as well. What a dream!

Once simply celebrated for their sun-shielding properties, today sunglasses have taken on new status: that of a fashion staple. Whether you decide to go chic, geeky, glamorous, or edgy, there’s one to fit your needs. This season, they’re cooler than ever and you shouldn’t be left out of this fashion pleasure. It’s time to ditch the boring functional glasses and embrace the wide array of trends waiting for you to beckon them to come.

Check 6 sunglasses trends that are super cool and unapologetically stylish…

  • Rectangle

Rectangular sunglasses are a sweet spot between chilled and wow. You can consider them the option that commands attention without trying so hard. Plus, they play up your facial features like chin, jawline, and forehead. While you can totally rock yours in neutral tones like black and brow, we suggest you tread the color highway instead. Why? Because brightly-hued glassed are a trend casing waves across the fashion world. Wouldn’t you rather ride it with these sunglasses for women in 2022?

  • Cat-eye

Conjure your inner feline with this timeless item. Season after season, the cat-eye sunglasses dominates the fashion streets and it shows no signs of stopping. That is to say, you can sport any variation and still be trendy. With its higher peaks frame and exaggerated angles, you’re sure to get a wow fashion moment.

  • Shield

When they said go big or go home, they had the shield sunglasses in mind. This face-framing, extra-edgy piece is perfect for the girl who isn’t afraid to stand out while being herself in the process. They come in a variety of versions, this means that you can go all extra or play it a notch safe but still with the desired effect.

  • Aviator

When we think of aviator sunglasses, the first thing we remember is either pilots or police officers. Of course, this variation isn’t just for the above professions and any girl can bring them alive in her closet. It all comes down to the way you incorporate them into your ensemble that will make the difference between ‘style star vibe’ and ‘officer vibe.’ Choose wisely.

  • Oversized

Sometimes, a little drama is all you need to show up and show out. This season, oversized sunglasses are the Rave and you can find one that suits you just right. Whether it’s the classic black, embellished, or colored frames, oversized is great for making a fashion statement,  blocking UV rays, and any shade that’s thrown your way.

  • Round

Lately, we have witnessed the resurgence of several fashion eras including the 50s as well as the 60s. With the round sunglasses, the 70s era of memorable fashion is again trendy in 2022. Awaken your disco moment in these glasses, it can do no wrong especially if you have an oval face.


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