Rick Ross Criticizes Those Who Think ‘Begging’ Will Help Them

Rick Ross is convinced “begging” will get you nowhere in life.

The 46-year-old hip-hop mogul shared his thoughts via Instagram this week, claiming those who want handouts are “fucked up” and detached from reality. 

“I already know how it go. That’s why I go hard, because I know how it go,” he said in a video reshared by Akademiks on Tuesday. “You could be in a room full of the wealthiest mutherfuckas in the world and tell them, ‘I have nothing, I’m hungry.’ And they’re going to look at you and say, ‘Well what the fuck are you doing standing next to me begging? Why the fuck aren’t you working?’”

He continued: ‘”What the fuck have you established? What have you done with yourself since the fucking beginning of time? Where’s your brother, where’s your mother, where’s your father, where’s your fuckin’ kinfolk? You don’t have any friends? You don’t have anything to establish yourself or worth something in anyone’s life?’ That’s what they’re going to tell you. So, if you think begging is going to get you something, you fucked up.”

The statement drew a wide range of reactions. Some fans applauded Rozay for not sugar-coating the advice, while others criticized his take as callous and elitist.



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