#ETVSCANDAL Mlungisi Ngema is BACK!

Patrick Mofokeng left Scandal to join Lingashoni, where he played the powerful Mandla Cele eleven months ago. Speaking to SMag, the actor said returning to Scandal! has been exciting. 

“When I left Scandal!, I needed [the] break. I needed to refresh and do other things after doing Scandal! for slightly over seven years. While away, I was really happy to be doing something different but now I am really happy to be back. For how long, I don’t know,” he said. 

Mofokeng said the decision to reinstate his role came after a conversation with the producers, who first felt his exit was “not proper” and that there was still unfinished business with his storyline.

Not forgetting the outcry from viewers. 

“I had embraced Mlungisi’s character so much that I think I became him. I would even come across people who would say how much I remind them of their own fathers or something like that. I became more of Mlungisi than King Sibiya from Zone 14. 

“When I left Scandal!, I really wanted to go but the day I went back I realised how much I missed them and my on-screen family. Lindiwe and Omphile have literally become my children and I missed the fun of creating magic. People can expect to be shocked about the revelations surrounding my return,” he said. 

Speaking about landing the Mandla Cele role on Lingashoni, Mofokeng said a lot of hard work had to go into separating the two [characters]. 

“And it was difficult, I must admit because I am one person. But I tried to make Mandla a bit different because he was speaking more English on the show, the movement and all the significant signs. Mlungisi is a rigid Zulu man. 

“I have enjoyed the challenge of portraying Mandla, enjoyed the character and it’s been well received. Although I think it was on the wrong channel, looking at the story and the actors involved – but it’s been a great journey for me. 

Mofokeng, whose acting career spans over 25 years now, said his journey has been a thrilling one – and he has been fortunate to have always been with work.

He attributes this fortune to his extreme love for the craft, the respect and the discipline that he brings with every character, thus contributing to the callbacks from productions such as Scandal!.

“At my age, it feels very exciting to still get on projects because we are told that once you reach a certain age then the roles become scarce. It’s a blessing to have never stopped working. From when I started in theatre for three years until the TV and film bug bit me. I have always run from one project to another.”

Mofokeng said he has just completed shooting for Blood & Water season 3, and hopes to do more Netflix work with the free space and time that he has. 

The roles he would love to play in the future range from someone living with a disability to an unassuming villain – stretching himself beyond the role of being a father. He is also into business – namely property. 

He also would like to, one day, dabble in directing his own productions after only doing it briefly. He has two stories already written that he will one day bring to life.  

“Although I can’t run away from the role of being a father because I am a father and I am married as well. So that character comes a little easy. But sometimes I want to play away from the characters that I would easily be assumed for,” he said. 

Mofokeng returns to Scandal! on July 11.


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