uBettina Wethu Teasers 2 - November 2022

Coming up on uBettina Wethu 2 this November 2022:

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Episode 35

The brat and the beautiful

Betty struggles with managing Keabetswe, a spoilt PA who refuses to listen. Dingaan attempts to sabotage Duma’s high-profile client with mixed results. Reggie and Mpilo scheme a way to get AJ’s attention.

Wednesday 2 November 2022

Episode 36

Fed up

Linda and Archie Snr both manipulatively make a play for Lakhe’s vote. Lakhe declines Oba’s marriage proposal. Betty’s escalating financial family demands drive her into leaving home.


Monday 7 November 2022

Episode 37

Living with Zaza

Betty enjoys her freedom living with Zaza, but also misses her family. She struggles with Kea's sense of entitlement and privileged background. Duma and Dingaan bond deeper as brothers. Linda and Dingaan agree to bring Duma into the Jiyane fold and Lakhe rekindles her dream to become a Jiyane.

Tuesday 8 November 2022

Episode 38

The spin

Betty finds herself in a battle against Kea, Brandon and Duma when she refuses to spin the Striker's profile after his bad reputation comes to light. Dingaan and Brandon are excited to work on the PrimeGas&Oil pitch, but realize they need an office in Cape Town to apply.

Reggie is excited when he gets a contract with AJ and promises his family he will take care of them. 

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Episode 39

Home sweet home

Betty becomes increasingly desperate to find her own place. She protests working with Jackson, the controversial soccer Striker and is shocked when Kea is more than happy to take over. 


Monday 14 November 2022

Episode 40

The spin

Betty realizes her living arrangement with Zaza is not working out while she struggles to deal with her principles regarding her project at work with Kea.

Dingaan offers Archie Senior more shares after struggling to raise funds for the PrimeGas&Oil deal. Reggie finds his spot in the limelight, but Mpilo and Mamiki feel left out. 

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Episode 41

Strings attached

Betty struggles with the moral dilemma and temptation of Kea's bribe. Dingaan is worried about his expansion plans as Linda initiates a shareholder vote.

A Reluctant Duma is asked by Linda to actively work to get rid of Archie. Reggie is devastated when he gets his first payment from his DJ work and it's not what he was expecting. 

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Episode 42

Dinner with the Jiyanes

Betty finally reveals all the dirt she has on Kea and convinces Nubia to fire her, even if they lose the contract. Dingaan celebrates the win in the CT office but the celebrations quickly turn sour. Lakhe's dreams of being a Jiyane are dashed. 


Monday 21 November 2022

Episode 43


After Duma and Betty finally do the deed, Betty is head over heels in love. Dingaan tries to make up for last night's dinner to Archie and pushes to get the R30M while Duma basks in the Jiyane glow and is accepted into the board.

Lakhe realizes her time is over at Nubia and considers selling her shares to the highest bidder. 

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Episode 44

Home improvements

Betty is in the dilemma as she struggles to pay for home improvements, while reeling from Warona closing down. Dingaan is elated as Archie finally gives him the money for the Cape Town office, but Dduma finds it hard to warn him about their father.

Reggie wrangles Mpilo into helping him get more money from AJ, but he kicks them out with pie on their face. 

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Episode 45

Gone girl

Betty takes the first steps in realising her vision for saving Warona magazine. Dingaan's world comes crashing down when he discovers a shocking truth about Delilah. Lakhe finally decides to leave Nubia. 


Monday 28 November 2022

Episode 46


Betty plans her future as Mrs Jiyane and editor of iWarona. Duma discovers Delilah was in cahoots with Archie. Reggie is caught cheating and gets dumped. 

Tuesday 29 November 2022

Episode 47

The proposal

Betty commits herself to Warona, feeling guilty about Phumzile putting her pension on the line. Duma plots to take down Archie while planning a proposal to Betty. Lakhe tries to get Oba back. 

Wednesday 30 November 2022

Episode 48

Focus groupies

Betty decides to run a focus group for iWarona with hilarious results. Duma and Linda put a plan into action to take down Archie Snr. Reggie gets himself into even more hot water with AJ.


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